Aether is a special class of material known as intangible matter and an energized cosmic substance that exists in the Arcane Realm. It is exists in outer space and passes through celestial bodies, carrying magical power.


Aether is a type of matter that normally doesn’t interact with normal matter or visible light, typically being invisible and passing through the world as showers of particles completely unnoticed by most. 

As a form of matter it does exert gravitational force but this is only observed by astronomers looking at the effects of possible huge aether groups near stars.

Aether also serves as the medium for magical power to travel in the vacuum of space, the interstellar counterpart of a planet’s mana. Divine and elevated spirits can draw on aether passing through the planet for Divine Works.

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Ectoplasm is another type of intangible matter, known for being the medium that spirits use to live. Special varities of ectoplasm like the ichor of deities, have a greater affinity for aether than mana, even providing a special class of magic.


Aether permeates throughout space in a uniform pattern, evenly across the universe. Particles of aether are among the most abundant in the universe, a billion times more abundant than the particles that make up stars, planets and people. Unimaginably large numbers of aether particles from the first moments of the universe are still present today.

Though a trillion naturally occurring aether particles from the sun and other bodies in the galaxy pass through Kaf and Qarin each second, they interact so rarely with other particles that they are very difficult to detect. 

Although aether has extremely low density, large quantities can condense into structures, the largest being known as spirit realms.


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