Climate Zones and Biomes

Worlds of the Arcane Realm have specific climates and biomes. As such as it known as the Kaffen Climate-Biome System which is based on the real life Köppen system. Tropical-These are very warm climates found in the tropics that experience high quantities of precipitation. Wet: No dry season Tropical Rainforest Tropical  Swamp Mangrove Forest Monsoon: Short… Continue reading Climate Zones and Biomes


Alchemy & Magetech

Potions, elixirs, transmutation, reinforcement and enhancement of physical objects, is what involved in Alchemy. It is seen as a sort of scientific magic; when crafting items like potions involves distilling the ingredients (by extracting the “latent mana” from them rather than more mundane chemical compounds) and generally enchanting raw materials with magical properties. Alchemists were… Continue reading Alchemy & Magetech