In the Arcane Realm, there are a number of intelligent and sapient species that have developed cultures that helped them thrive and can potentially interact with other socities like themselves. Groups that meet these broad requirements are generally though of as races. The largest and/or most influential of these are known colloquially as major races while the opposite are known as minor races.

There’s a lot of information to go through on each of their pages, so this one is dedicated to serve as a useful guide for future Arcane Realm being entries.

Major Groups of Races in Arcane Realm

“Human” (or Natural Humanoid) races 

These are creatures all species of human beings, either as a subspecies of Homo sapiens or another species within the genus Homo. As such, they all greatly resemble modern humans in overall appearance, psychology, ideology. They also share the same sorcery ability to conjure and manipulate manaplasm.

Faye races

These are the intelligent faye creatures that have influential societies. While sharing a common origin and a few traits, they seem to be the most diverse when it comes to appearance and sorcery. Many seem to have humanoid features mixed with other animals or other features of the natural environment.

Henge races (Pronounced Hen-Gay)

These are the creatures than were once natural animals that developed intelligence and magical power with age. These races have the signature trait of innate shapeshifting between different forms, they are born as animals but once they become magical, they can take on a humanoid form. While not as numerous or influential as other large racial groups, they have shaken up history from time to time.

Spirit races

These are the intelligent creatures that either live or originated in alternate dimensions. Their forms are intangible to this dimension so they have developed a variety of ways to create or inhabit a physical body. As such their needs and prioritiess tend to be the most alien and distant from worldly affairs, except for select races attached to the world.

Racial Entry Template

Overview: Gives a brief description of the being in general

Quick Species Profile: A general description of common physical attributes with the species as a whole
(Scientific name)

Life Expectancy
Oldest: The oldest recorded individual

Average Height:

Average Weight:

Creature Type:
The category of beings the species belongs to estimate shared characteristics.



How they look

Physiological Traits
Species particular make up and passive traits and features


Innate Magical Abilities

Passive Traits

Active Abilities

General Diet

What they consume for energy and sustain themselves


Ways the species make more of themselves or what beings they can hybridize with

Lifespan and Growth

Significant periods in their life cycle


The type of environment that the race prefers to live in


Their presence throughout Arcane Realm timeline

Antiquity – Eras before Ghulat Wars

Ghulat Wars

Personism Ages -Eras after the Ghulat Wars


A roughly detailed log of the species societal  influence on the world.

Particular ethnic or racial identity shared by certain related individuals


The structures and materials used for shelter


Indigenous or adopted belief systems and the rituals related


The organization of related individuals and any societal roles determined by biological sex


What most species consider to be appropriately seen in public or among themselves


The means by which social and cultural values and knowledge are attained to be a functional member of society

Magic Use

The type of magic a species can use, what magic forms they tend to be attuned to and how they may go about learning it

Science and Technology


Methods or inventions to get to a new place


Tools for individual or group self-defense or offense

Medical Treatment

Major treatments used and cultural meaning behind them


Materials and procedures used to supply the people


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