Extrasensory Perception or ESP is a special sense different from vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unlike physical senses, ESP has virtually unlimited range, and it’s experienced mainly as thoughts rather than bodily sensations. A being that perceives with ESP is colloquially known as an esper. Mechanism ESP uses the psychic energy of the spirit… Continue reading ESP

Combat · Metaphysics


A statistic (or stat) serves to represent a particular aspect of an individual. Stats serve to help communities to determine what skills someone might be good at, what job someone is suited for, what class adventurers could be, etc. History During the Golden Age of Adventure, city-states, towns and villages became places where tasks were posted for traveling adventurers to take… Continue reading Stats


Psychokinetic Energy

Psychokinetic energy (PKE, psionic or psychic energy/force) involves activity dealing with conscious mental energy directly affecting physical objects. It is very specific to consciousness, will, emotion, memory, and other qualities equated with the mind. This energy is very common in Kaf, particularly in the ethereal plane. Psychokinesis An umbrella term that is used to describe a… Continue reading Psychokinetic Energy



Aether is a special class of material known as intangible matter and an energized cosmic substance that exists in the Arcane Realm. It is exists in outer space and passes through celestial bodies, carrying magical power. Properties Aether is a type of matter that normally doesn’t interact with normal matter or visible light, typically being invisible and… Continue reading Aether