History and Events

Settlement Epoch

Analogous Era: Neolithic Setting\Subgenre: Stone/Desert Punk Technology Level: Power– manual, magical device Transportation– walking, flight (djinn), flying carpets Medicine– self-regeneration, healing magic Cooking– N/A Communication– talking, telepathy Weaponry– fist-fighting, single target element spells   Significant Events   Currently one huge super continent, the land of the planet is named Kaf. Currently is has oceans of… Continue reading Settlement Epoch


List of Suleiman’s Manaplasm Arts

This a list of the arts that Suleiman knows: Attack Arts Bullet Shot: The most basic shooting-type art. The conjurer merely compresses manaplasm in the shape of a large projectile, accelerates it, and sets it forth. Blowback Ripple: A forward shove by the conjurer creates a shock wave in the air produced by lightly charged volatile manaplasm.… Continue reading List of Suleiman’s Manaplasm Arts



Suleiman Moustafa is a Djinn-Homin hybrid born and raised in Bodhi Village right after its formation. His occupation is a nature writer and he has written bestiaries on Kaf’s wildlife and intelligent species. Name: Suleiman Moustafa Species: Djinn/Homin Hybrid Ethnicity: Si’lat/Tropic Creature Type: Natural Humanoid Jinn Sex: Male Height: 122 cm (4 feet) Weight: 33 kg (73 lbs)… Continue reading Suleiman