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Natural Creatures

Natural creatures are organic corporeal creatures which occur via natural selection. They come into being from ancestral living organisms that change over time due to pressure from the environment causing certain traits to be favored in certain places.



Unlike preternatural creatures, naturals don’t internally produce a lot of mana or have it incorporated into their bodies as molecules. On Kaf and Qarin, natural creatures passively absorb background mana from their natural or built environment, some of which stays with their bodies like radiation. Sapient natural creatures can activate the mana in their bodies with their thoughts and their electric potential. Then they can produce a unique magical substance called manaplasm.

Types of Natural Creatures


An animal is a natural, living, non-sapient creature, usually with no magical abilities and no innate capacity for language or culture. An animal has the following features (unless otherwise noted).

  • Animals have species specific traits such as locomotion, defense mechanisms, etc.
  • Certain species are resistant/immune to particular poisons
  • Animals have to breathe, eat, excrete and most (but not all) sleep.


This type comprises creatures composed of plant cells (possess chloroplasts, cellulose cell wall) as well as regular plants, such as one finds growing in gardens and fields. A plant creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Photoautotrophs that need sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make its own food.
  • Plants “breathe” carbon dioxide and (carnivorous ones) eat, but do not sleep.
  • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (magical or psychic).
  • Immunity to paralysis, sleep effects, and stunning.


A humanoid is an animal with a body plan consisting of one head, a human-like torso, two arms, and two legs used to support the body and consistently run/walk bipedally as the main form of movement. Natural Humanoids lack most biomagical attributes, but are sapient, most can speak and usually have well-developed societies. A humanoid possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Manaplasm Arts: Natural Humanoids or Hominins have the capacity to activate the stored mana in their body to produce a glowing magical substance called mana plasma. It can also be manipulated in a variety of ways. This includes those with at least 1/16 natural humanoid ancestry.
  • Possess opposable appendages such as thumbs for articulate manipulation.
  • Possess forward facing usually binocular vision (having two eyes)
  • Possess biomechanic bipedalism – the ability to walk in an upright position.
  • Hominins have sufficient hand eye coordination to throw an object and strike another object with it.
  • Hominins have a well developed brain capable of complex reasoning and rational thought.
  • Hominins generally experience pleasure during coitus.
  • Hominins have to breathe, eat, excrete and sleep.

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