Ectoplasm, ektos meaning “outside” and plasma meaning “something formed or molded”

-So if you’re not flesh and blood, what exactly are you?
-Well, I’m not sure how familiar this will be to but djinn like me have always been said to be made of smokeless fire. Don’t worry I won’t burn you though, that’s a classical age term for what they call the substance I’m made out of.
Nowadays it is simply called ectoplasm, which usually beings from the material plane like you can’t see. Djinn like me however, are made of the charged variety which in your version of the world becomes luminous plasma.

An extra-planar and variable-state substance belonging to a class called intangible matter. Since antiquity, ectoplasm has been described as what spirits are made out, their counterpart to the biological tissues of organic creatures.


Its form can range from seething ionized plasma, a misty vapor, a viscous gelatin, a bundle of fine threads, a living membrane or a fabric-like tissue, that can also be solidified and used for material purposes. Ectoplasm is commonly encountered when spirits directly manifest into the physical realm to interact with it. It is also a medium for psychokinetic energy, having a very strong affinity which makes it good for spirits to use it for maintaing their life.

Experts studying the causative relationship between this substance and the spirit that carries it with them, points to the plasm as important to them as organic molecules are for life in the physical plane. Its serves as their way of existing, gives and stores energy, has a unique information signature that can be copied or altered during reproduction, etc.

Various States


Wispy ectoplasm is the most common type on the ethereal plane as most spirits are naturally made of this type. When it manifests on the physical plane, it can only be seen as it is completely intangible and behaves like a gas. It is typically white, blue, or a transparent variety of a hue.


This slimy type occurs when ectoplasm is charged with sufficient psychokinetic energy to physically exist.

This ectoplasm often leaves residue occurs when a spirit passes from the ethereal plane into our physical plane. The ectoplasm is the means by which the spirit can affect physical objects and force its will into physical reality. Fortunately this substance in its basic form isn’t harmful, but merely stomach-turning and messy.

Many spirits who manifest a physical form directly can use gel ectoplasm as it can easily be made to have the same consistency and feel of soft organic tissue. They often will leave ectoplasmic residue, some visible with the naked eye, but most only with special equipment.The residue is volatile, and will dissipate into invisible mist over time.

Gel ectoplasm can also form a complex with certain particulate matter, forming unique physical substances that can allow the spirit to interact with the physical world and shift to intangibility by will. This is common especially for nature spirits or djinn.


This is a rarer form of ectoplasm made when spirits secrete measured quantities of it for specific purposes. Charged ectoplasmic residue is quickly deionized forming a harder, discolored material. The material they create is usually much more resilient than standard plasmic matter, though it may retain the sticky quality.

Strains of Ectoplasm

Electrostatic ectoplasm is a form that is charged with not only PKE but with electricity as well. This gives it properties different from most strains of the material. Mainly that this version acts has the properties of the state of matter known as plasma, such as being manipulated by magnetic fields. Electrostatic entities can drain preexisting electric charge or plasma as an alternate source of substance.

Empathic Ectoplasm, or mood gel in shorthand, is a form of ectoplasm whose polarity changes with the mood of the environment it is located in. It responds to the emotional states of all sapient races, both positive and negative, from which its reactions depends. Positively charged ectoplasm can be adapted as a tool in a paranormal exterminator’s arsenal as it can stop negatively charged objects, people, and spirits as it neutralizes the negative energy and makes whatever it gets on to be inert.

Caustic (or Demonic) ectoplasm is a form which was developed by Shaytan research involving the manipulation of various strains of ectoplasm and other spirit matter. Caustic ectoplasm in its initial state is an extremely dangerous substance that is formed from gel ectoplasm supersaturated with psychic energy from negative emotions like hatred, etc. It is incredibly toxic and will cause damage to both the body and soul of anyone heedless enough to come into contact with it. As a vapor, the substance is not lethal but will cause side effects such as removing inhibitions, promoting aggression or depression and otherwise disrupting mental stability.


Demons were originally formed from huge amounts of this substance and they can even generate it on their own. Typically demons used this corrosive substance to melt down and digest organic matter and use it to form their own organic physical forms. It also shatters the psyche of anything once living killed by the substance so the demon can use the remaining psychic energy as sustenance as well.

Blessed Plasm

This artificially made strain of ectoplasm is similar to residue except that it is supersaturated with relatively positive emotions such as joy or excitement. As such it runs counter to the caustic strain of ectoplasm, and will typically extinguish it. Also it is not corrosive and actually warm to the touch. While it is generally safe to handle, large amounts can also cause side effects such as the vapor inducing euphoric mania but usually only after long term exposure.

It is prepared by combining a self regenerative strain of ectoplasmic residue with ichor, the life sustaining fluid created by divine spirits. Pure ichor is generally toxic to most forms of physical life (organic or otherwise) but a mixture in standard ectoplasmic residue appears to dramatically lower its toxicity.


Ichor is a special form of ectoplasm exclusively produced by divinities like deities and angels or other beings that consume large amounts of ambroisa. It appears as a golden fluid that dimly glows in darkness. Pure ichor is toxic to most non-spirit forms of life even in small doses. It has been found that mixtures of ichor with other strains of ectoplasm or water negate the toxicity while still maintaining a large amount of its effects. The exception is caustic ectoplasm where the reaction causes each other to evaporate each other.

When divine spirits manifest, their ichor first becomes glowing light that solidifies into a matter like state known as photonic molecules. These molecules then create a construct that mimics soft tissue and has the remaining ichor flowing through it like blood.

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