Biology · Creature Type


Overview Humans are a species of primate mammals scientifically known as Homo sapiens that have spread across the Earth for around 200,000 years or all the species that belong to the Genus Homo. Their success relies heavily on intelligence unlike other previous dominate species like the dinosaurs or the ancestors of mammals, the synapsids who relied mainly on their biological weaponry.… Continue reading Human

History and Events

Golden Age of Adventure

Analogous Era: Medieval Islamic Golden Age, Hundred Schools of Thought Setting/Sub-genre: Heroic Fantasy/Clock Punk Technology Power: wind mills, clockwork, gunpowder for vehicles, consecrated gemstones, dry-cell battery in small quantities Transportation: compass, chariot, horse drawn carriage, dandyhorse, penny-farthing, unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, monowheel, sailing ships, liquid fuel rocket, submarine with oars, hot air balloons, airships Communication: paper… Continue reading Golden Age of Adventure

History and Events

Imperial Age

Analogous Era: Later Antiquity (Greece-Roman Empire, Dynasty China, Vedic India, Maya, Inca, Persia) Genre: Sword & Sorcery Tech: Power-water wheels, aqueducts, wood/coal, refined oil Transportation-chariots, canals, submersibles, kites, hot air sky lantern Medicine- herbalism, poultice, surgery, splints and traction, mineral potions, tourniquets, Ayurveda, Zhongyi Cooking- rotisserie, hearth oven baking, stir-frying, cheesemaking Food storage– Sunlight Dehydration, Salting/Brine,… Continue reading Imperial Age

History and Events

Establishment Period

Analogous Era: Antiquity (Ancient Egypt, Fertile Crescent/Sumer, Indus Valley, China, Olmec) Setting/Subgenre: Low Fantasy/Sword and Sandal Technology Level: Power- water wheels for mechanical energy, wind pumping for water pumping and drainage, wood burning Transportation– Walking, dugout canoes, wheeled carts Medicine- herbalism, poultice, bandaging, surgery, splints and traction Cooking- open fire, rotisserie Food storage- dry storage, fermentation… Continue reading Establishment Period