In the Arcane Realm, magic is one of the many forms of observable events; either naturally occurring or intentionally produced effects. Magical effects range from reproducing mundane activity, to unlikely events, to things that seem to ignore or change the currently established laws of physics.



Natural Magic

Magic in its natural state is a pervasive and sustaining force of the universe and the just like other forces (gravity, etc) cause the various phenomena of nature. 

In the Arcane Realm, magic is not a thing seperate from nature so many things in their natural state are inherently magical and magic is integral to explaining why it rains, the beating of your heart, and many other things. For example, many games have spells designed to detect Magic or set up an Anti-Magic Field, and if no magic is detected, or if all magic is prevented by a field, then things work “normally” or according to modern science. This is contrary to the world, a mage can detect and cancel other active spells, but taking away all magic makes as much sense as taking wetness away from liquid water.

Applied Magic

Refers to magic that is used for a practical purpose or with a specific reason in mind. This is when you start to talk about the magic typically known in popular culture, the manipulation of various sources via supernatural means.

While most physical forces are indifferent to the thoughts of living creatures, magical energy is typically responsive to the will of a conscious being, even their subconscious impulses. Sapient beings have a greater capacity for intentionally applied magic, mainly due to “higher” order functioning such as thought, reasoning, emotion and abstraction having a greater effect on the flow of this energy and producing more dramatic effects.

In the context of the Arcane Realm, applied magic is defined as any event in nature which is brought to pass by any beings will, whether it be as dramatic as casting a spell or mundane as applying ointment to help heal a wound.

Magic Power

Like any force, magic has a carrier that fuels magical phenomena whether it be a spontaneous or intentional. It resides in all things like a impersonal and universal force of nature, although some places and beings have more of it than others. While mana is the most commonly used term for magic power, other terms have and are used for magic power like orenda.

Whatever you call it, the magic power made by natural phenomena and used as fuel in applied magic is propagated throughout the known universe. However on a planet flourishing with life like Kaf, magic power is like a world encompassing field. The background magic field of a planet, known as terrestrial or world mana, permeates through all objects and lifeforms on an entire world. Many things that are exposed to the magical field on a daily basis, can retain some of this energy, this is especially notable for crystals and biological molecules.

Types of magic

 In the Arcane Realm, there is a variety of different ways to apply magic, some that can be used by all and some exclusive to certain groups or individuals. The general term for basically any individual that uses magic for specific tasks is a magic user or mage.


Sorcery is the blanket term for any innate magical trait (passive or spontaneous) or ability (consciously active) specific to a species. It is usually seen as an instinctual and specific form of magic. Some of the most basic and most powerful magic can fall under sorcery.

Types of sorcery


This type of sorcery works differently for natural beings than it does for any other type of creature.

For most, like faye and spirits conjuration is simply used to turn mana into mandalas, symbols of intangible light that process the mana of mages into complex applied magic like spells.

For natural beings, conjuration instead allows them to directly manipulate the stored mana they release as a substance called manaplasm via movements of their limbs. Manaplasm has a variety of unique properties that allow them to use it to their advantage. Beings that can perform this type of magic are referred to as Conjurers.


This sorcery is high level magic normally possessed by only divine spirits. Magic of this type usually allows for various levels of molecular or physical laws, thus produce feats beyond that of either mystic arts or arcane magic. Divinities can provide share a portion of their power in the form of blessings or use mortal beings as a conduit for their power.


These are personal superpowers derived from a divinity channeling their theurgy into a non divine sapient being. The nature of the power is dependent on the recipients personality, hopes, wants, or needs.

Ritual Magic

Ritual magic relys on a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed according to set sequence to create a magical effect.

Ritual magic works due to magical thinking, the belief that one’s thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it.

Emotional stress and events of personal significance push people strongly toward magical meaning-making and the magic power of the world acts accordingly.

Ordered Spellcraft

Ordered spellcraft is the creation of spells, structured rituals that give ambient or stored magic the instructions to reproduce some type of phenomena. The majority of spells can be reproduced and taught to others with the right conditions. Those who use this are specifically known as Spellcasters.


Summoning is ritual magic that calls upon another being and allows for it or its power to come to one’s aid. Those who apply magic in this way and are the recipients of a summon’s abilities are known as Summoners.

Invocation is the art of calling upon the power of separate entities. Evocation is the act of physically summoning or manifesting such beings. Exorcism is related and essentially the art of controlling, or dealing with hostile spirits.

Mages can be “blessed” by their partner after making a pact with them. They can then use a portion of the being’s power as their own. Commonly spirits are the beings summoned though other preternatural beings can be as well, a natural creature can even be summoned if the mage makes a pact with one. It is unusual for a mage to summon another member of their own species though.

This pact universally comes with a price, that is usually negotiated between the two parties. A price can include the mage providing the summoned with food, getting them a certain object, being temporarily possessed by the being whenever it wills it, to becoming a servant or lover of the summoned being.

There are pacts where the summons fight for the summoner themselves, pacts where the summoner borrows a power or pacts where the beings temporarily merge to use their abilities together.



Technological devices that use magic power to perform specific tasks. Magetech is a class of devices that operate on mana as energy or can perform magical effects. It also involves activating the magic within everyday objects to give them new properties or putting together magical reagents for specific outcomes. Because the magic power lies within the object and not the wielder, this allows those possessing the object abilities they normally would not have.


As a whole, alchemy is a branch of applied magic that essentially boils down to using the magic power of things to manipulate and alter existing matter. The proper application of this craft requires not only a full understanding of a substance’s chemical and ancient alchemical concepts, but also a sort of natural talent towards recognizing and manipulating the physical objects with energy, which require uncommon levels of intelligence and aptitude.


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