History and Events

Collapse of Civilization

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Tech: Power– biomass (wood burning) Transportation– pedestrian, steed/mounts, bicycle Medicine– herbalism, poultice, Ayurveda, Zhongyi Cooking– open roasting, rotisserie, boiling Communication – oral, leaf writing, smoke signals Weaponry– stick, hand axe, knife, club, slingshot, longbow, recurve bow, spear, wooden shield, short sword, chains, wooden poles   Significant Events While the major wars provided… Continue reading Collapse of Civilization



The five characteristics of lifeforms are organization (a distinct form and appearance), irritability (the ability to respond to external stimuli), metabolism (the ability to convert energy to stay alive), reproduction (the ability to create new lifeforms), and adaptation (the ability to change as their environments change). A species given the sapient definition is considered able… Continue reading Sapience