History and Events

Brief History of Kaf

up to date as of June 2017


(Sandal Punk/Medieval Fantasy) 

The beginning of Kaf entails the Djinn who arrived in the planet terraforming it using Earth life the souls of deceased animals. Adjustments from the original plans lead to the propagation of other lifeforms including spirits like Deities, Magifauna, Magiflora, and Faye. With the later introduction of various human species via random portals, the various species live in a world similar to a standard fantasy setting.

Ghulat Wars

(Dungeonpunk/Planetary Romance)

A rival faction of jinn known as Shaytan invade the planet to subjegate its people and acquire their resources. The native Kaf races retaliate by joining forces, rapidly increasing in technology, and creating a base on the moon for offworld R&D. The following millennia would be an arms race against the native population versus the invaders and demons swapped from corrupted spirits. Eventually the native population is able to exterminate the invaders but at the heavy cost of environmental degredation and famine due to their global war causing mineral resource and fossil fuel exhaustion and runaway climate change. Utimately, civilizations all over the world collapse, many species including sapient ones go into extinction or are forced to be survivalists, and many deities decide to leave the world.



Nature begins to reclaim the ruins of civilization world with most of the surviving or new peoples continue survivalism or live in small scattered settlements. As more natural environments rebound and recover from the global war, the remaining peoples travel the world and ruins to find remains of previous technology and history. As most of the world’s fossil fuels are depleted, these techological artifacts are remade to use renewable resources or inspire new technology. Slowly urban centers focused on renewable energy and working with the natural environment instead of exploiting it begin to take form as acrologies and tree top cities.

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