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Drakes are large magifauna reptiles that are either carnivorous or omnivorous, usually dwelling in caves in the mountains or a rocky area near or in a body of water. Often drakes of all varieties are compared to terrifying serpents or gaping crocodiles.

Drakes have tough, protective scales that help them survive in rugged terrain like mountainous caverns or rocky shores. These scales shed constantly, much like human skin and hair, and are constantly replaced. Lost teeth are similarly replaced over a lifetime.

There are many variations on physical appearance within the species in the family. Some are closer to the marine-hunting crocodiles in shape, while others reflect the structure of the larger land-based lizards.

One of the most famous members of the drake family is the dragon, distinct in being a flying drake with a breath weapon.


Drakes by species/subspecies

Lesser Drakes





Higher Drakes : True Dragons




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