Live Construct

A live construct is a unique subtype of construct. These constructs are composed of inorganic or artificial materials but also display most of the qualities of life forms and have a sapient level of free thought and will. As such they are considered living creatures in most of Kaf’s global culture.

Live Construct Traits

Inorganic: Live Constructs are composed mainly of inorganic substances. Some will obtain new material by replacing parts of their body with newly created ones. Others are lithotrophs that have to ingest outside sources of the inorganic material they are made of.

Sleeplessness: Live Constructs don’t require sleep although overworking themselves beyond the point they are used to will lead to exhaustion that proper rest and sleep would take care off.

Preternatural Beings: Live Constructs have the capacity for spellcraft, as opposed to conjuration.

Spell subjectivity: Live constructs are not only subject to spells that affect constructs but also living things as well. Having a soul means that they are able to be resurrected or reincarnated.

Status Immunities: poison, induced sleep, paralysis, nausea, fatigue, and energy drain

Certain spirits that manifest in the material world do so in a live construct body. While they all share the traits above, live construct spirits also have a few unique traits to them.

Shapeshifting: Spirits in live constructs can consciously change their form and structure to suit their needs.

Ergotroph: Spirits obtain the energy they need to survive by absorbing the psychic energy of sapient entities and terrestrial mana in the environment. 

Needless: Do not need to eat, drink, excrete, or breathe, but can do so if their constructs replicate the proper organ systems through shapeshifting.

Regeneration: If their structure is damaged, they will heal themselves by various means such as telekinesis to put their broken components back, or absorbing preexisting sources of what they are made of. The extent to how much or fast is usually based on how much damage there is or how abundant their energy sources are. A failed or completely destroyed construct will reveal the spirit’s incorporeal form but in a weakened near death state.


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