Extrasensory Perception or ESP is a special sense different from vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unlike physical senses, ESP has virtually unlimited range, and it’s experienced mainly as thoughts rather than bodily sensations. A being that perceives with ESP is colloquially known as an esper.


ESP uses the psychic energy of the spirit realm as a medium for this sense, similar to how sight relies on the electromagnetic spectrum of light. The spirit realm reality has an almost completely different governing laws and time and space work very differently, allowing an entity to know about other people’s thoughts, distant events or things that haven’t happened yet in the physical reality.


Spirits are lifeforms that are composed of a completely different form of matter that lacks the normal atoms and molecules of the material world. In the same vein, the version of reality that spirits exist in also lacks everyday matter, meaning that most physical senses like touch, smell, taste, etc that perceived the material world were not developed.
Instead, they normally perceive their spirit realms through a set of senses known as extrasensory perception (ESP), making them inborn espers.

When spirits manifest into the material world, certain ESP abilities are often altered to due not being meant for perceiving atoms and molecules.


Most physical beings don’t use ESP to perceive the everyday world however studies infer that they involuntarily experience moments of ESP from time to time. It’s thought to be vestigial sense due to the vague presence of the Archeus but remains deep in the subconscious due to disuse.

This implies that everybody has the potential for ESP, but that some people are more in tune with these abilities or others can develop these senses through various processes like intense meditation, spiritual introspection.

Types of ESP

Extra­sensory perception is a collective term for these senses/abilities.


These abilities work the same way regardless of what reality or entity is performing it.

Telepathy: the ability to read another person’s thoughts. Spirits communicate with each other by transferring their thoughts or emotions via psychic waves.


These abilities differ if they are used in the material reality, either by a spirit a physical form or a psychic corporeal.

Clairvoyance: Spirits can use this ability to perceive the intangible matter surroundings of their reality. For beings in the material world, it allows one to see into the spirit dimension of their reality. Those adept in this can use this alternate reality as a shortcut to view distant areas of physical reality beyond the physical range of sight. This can get combined with physical senses as Clairaudience, the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible, Clairempathy, the ability to feel others’ emotions at a distance, Clairsentience refers to a psychic’s ability to pick up sensations and relate messages from those sensations, Clairgustance, which is psychic supertaste, and Clairalienence, psychic supersmell.

Precognition: Similar to clairvoyance, using the spirit realm of an area to  see its future in prophetic visions, sometimes in allegorical pictures.

Retrocognition/Postcognition: Similar to clairvoyance but seeing things that happened in the past of the material reality through the spirit realm of that place.

Dowsing: Using the spirit dimension to locate objects, sometimes using a tool called a dowsing rod.

Aura reading: Perception of energy fields surrounding people, places and things.

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