The Archeus is a parallel ‘layer’ of our reality that is usually thought of as another dimension or plane of existence. That is, it exists in the same physical space as normal everyday matter and even has the same build.
“So tell me about the Archeus, what kind of place does it look like.”
“Well here’s the thing, it’s not a single place like a city or forest. And you don’t really walk into it, it’s like another layer of reality. You sort of just phase into it…”
“Okay let me explain it this way, you see where we are now. Pretend there are transparent rocks and beings flying through the air and us and the trees as if they weren’t there. That’s what the Archeus is like.”


The physical plane refers to all the ordinary atomic matter in the universe and the world. There also exists other types of matter known as intangible matter due to it not interacting with many forms of energy like light and simply passing through everyday objects. It can however gravitate and form the structures that make up the ethereal plane or Archeus.
The Archeus coexists as a parallel layer of the Material Plane, its structures and beings roam the same space as the physical beings but without being noticed or touched. It is possible to see into the Material Plane from the Archeus, however, it has a ethereal hue to it. From the Material plane, it as if the Archeus doesn’t exist since it can’t be perceived with most of the physical senses like sight, hearing, or touch.
The Archeus also has the Akashic Records, the psychic imprints of living things within it.


The Archeus was often called the astral plane before Alchemy had a large influence on the world. In Sufism, it is known as the Barzakh, and Akasha in the Dharmic faiths.


The Earth has its own Archeus, and when the Jinn left for Kaf they brought with them its Akashic records. The combination of this, the psychic emenations from the livings things brought to Kaf and the mana of the planet began to cause the intangible matter passing through the planet to gravitate toward it and coalesce into an intangible of the world, Kaf’s Archeus.
From Kaf’s unique archeus arose new classes and species of lifeforms composed of intangible matter. The spirits began to roam the new environment, as well as the Djinn who transformed the planet to support it.
Later on, a special class of spirits known as deities used the Archeus as a gateway to create separate spirit realms like Godrealms, Underworlds, and Otherworlds. This lead to the creation of various isolated places for spirits to live separate from corporeal beings.
Most of the spirit realms that the Archeus led to were raided and destroyed in the Ghulat Wars, leaving the plane as the only real spirit realm left for Kaf.


The Archeus is natural plane of existence for spirits, as intangible matter like teleplasm exists there by default. Although many spirits can manifest a physical form to exist in the material plane, they can dispell this construct to return to the Archeus.
For corporeal beings made of molecules or atoms, the only way to “enter” the Archeus, is by the body becoming composed of intangible matter or have the same state as it. There are a few spells and rituals that can make this happen. There are even a few that can temporarily stash a container in the Archeus.
Corporeals with ESP can also perceive the Archeus around them and the beings within it, also this usually doesn’t come with touching on its own.


Micro Gravity: Travel in the Archeus was accomplished by force of will—you wish to go somewhere and you do, it also detemines speed. There is a sense of up and down but no real gravity exists, allowing free movement (in most cases) in any direction through the solid matter of the material plane.
Objects released from possession would hover where they were dropped; it’s impossible to fall in the Archeus.
Normal Time: Time passes the same rate as the Material Plane.
Akashic Magic: Spells and abilities work as usual but do not affect the Material Plane.
“Okay Suleiman first time in the Barzakh, things you need to know. Down is what you want it be, you gotta push your self where you wanna go. Kinda like swimming really.

So there’s no gravity pulling us down to ground.

Well there is gravity, one of the few things that the two dimensions both react to. However its weaker here, so it’s less like we’re floating and more like falling really slowly. And we can move side to side during the drift or even break away from it with little effort.”
So what lives in the Akasha? I mean besides djinn like us.
Well pretty much every spirit we see in the material plane came from here.
So the dryads…
Yeah they bond with the trees now but all of them came from here, and they are born here before possessing plants in your dimension to manifest. Same with elementals, any deities that might still be around.
What about the angels of the book?
Now they live in heaven, which actually its own separate spirit realm. Yeah, it is hard to wrap to head around the first time.

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