Biology · Magic

Biomagical Attributes

Biomagical Attributes (or Biological Magic/Biomagic for short) are the inherent magical qualities of an entire creature type or species.

With magic being a literal force of nature in the form of mana, every form of life on Kaf and Qarin has it flow through them, so invitingly they will absorb some of the background radiation.

Natural Creatures

The magical power of the world’s environment constantly flows through natural beings with portions of the energy being stored in their tissues. Most fungi, plants and animals only sparingly do functions that actually use internal mana so very old creatures can have a surprisingly large amount of power.

Sapient natural entities (so hominins) can activate their internal mana with their bodies electrical potential (life force) which generates the magical substance, manaplasm. An entire magic system is built around their unique ability, called Manaplasm Arts.

Preternatural Creatures

Faye, Magical Beasts, Magical Flora also absorb background magic from nature, just like natural creatures. These lifeforms differ in that they also contain and produce biomagical molecules, which are biological substances (hormones, enzymes, etc) that produce their own mana, allowing for magical defense mechanisms or metamorphism. And even though they are inherently magical, their traits are still a part of their their species biology not spells, and thus can not be taught to individuals outside of that race. It is important to know that mana being naturalized into their genetics and biochemistry means that their offspring acquires them also.


Spirits are an interesting case being made of an intangible matter called ectoplasm. Most of the properties count as physiological traits and most bio magic wildly varies. Like all life they absorb mana although spirits in general have a pretty high affinity to mana. Nature spirits have the benefit of being so attuned to nature that magic power is also a food source to them as well.


Although they are usually locked to a specific species, individuals who have an ancestral bloodline often have the potential to use those attributes.



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