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Angels are a class of spirits known as lesser divinities, who generally carry out the will of a grand deity that created them. Some follow the tenets of law, while others embrace liberty or uncertainty, but all are committed to the ideals of the deity that spawned them.

Quick Species Profile
Life Expectancy
Average: Ageless
Max: Unknown
Average Height: Variable
Average Weight: Variable
Creature Type: Divine Spirit



As spirits, angels manifest a corporeal form which can have an almost limitless range of possibilities. Lower rank angels tend to only be able to have a single material form that may be tweaked in appearance. Higher rank or specially made angels may be able to take multiple forms or be a consummate shapeshifters who always use a male form, some strictly a female one, and others use either or both, or prefer an androgynous or sexless shape.

Typically angels will take on a form that resembles a sapient species.

Physiological Traits

Truespeech: All angels can speak with any creature that has a language. This

Possession: Angels can possess an animal or a willfully accepting sapient being. This allows them to operate in a physical form in the mortal realm. This is most commonly done by lower to mid rank angels as the highest levels may overload and kill their hosts.

Corporeal Manifestation:  High order angels are able to create a stable corporeal form by  their ichor becoming light in the physical realm which then can solidify into a tangible form that mimics soft tissue. Lower rank angels who manifest are very psychoreactive, meaning the thoughts of those around them can change their appearance. Many simply manifest a humanoid form with wings, inner glow and/or a halo, but there are several kinds of angels who are far less humanoid, some ranging from strange to surreal.

Wayfinding: An Angel can detect the presence of Holy Artifacts, Sites, and Figures in the Physical Realm. With training, an Angel can use this as a map and compass, and in theory, should never lose her way. The main purpose of this skill is to guide journeying paladin and pilgrims on their way to such locations. In addition with this skill, they can always tell another divinity through their disguise, save for certain Archangel masters.

Biomagical Attributes

Divine Magic: An Angel can act as a conduit for their patron deity’s cosmic energy. Basically an angel can perform Divine Works like a deity, although their miracles are on a smaller scale. They can also use the divine energy as is to be come an aura of protection and holiness. Stronger Angels can use it to slowly burn away Demonic Ectoplasm, and they can even use it to turn into weapons, crafting spears of arrows of light to burn away Demonic Energy.

Blessing: An Angel can cast a blessing through small prayers on any they feel deserve it. A blessing in actuality is a simple, yet powerful, luck charm. Those who received the blessings of an Angel will come across more money, find themselves at the right places at the right times, they will tend to say the right things more often, and be further away from danger when it strikes. If a place has been blessed, a shop, or holy sight, more people will come across it, people will find their jobs easier to do, and it shall better stand across the withers of time. The strength of the blessing depends on the strength of the Angel.

Bear in mind, that the blessings of an Angel will not necessarily make a ones life easier. Sometimes, it may even be the opposite case, as Luck is only given to those who need it. A competent warrior may for instance be in need of money, and thus an Angel’s Blessing may cause him to wander across a band of thugs. Upon defeating them, he’d have the money he’d need, but only after having gone through a viscous fight. This gives birth to the phrase ‘Blessing in Disguise’.

An Angel can also do the reverse, known as Cursing, giving a person or place horridly bad luck, especially in their love lives. Thankfully, Angels are much more likely to give blessings rather than curses. While sometimes an Angel will appear to whomever they are giving blessings to, most often, blessings and curses are most often done while in disguise.

Healing: An innate power of an Angel, many sightings are attributed by the sick and wounded who see Angels as they are lain in bed, or on the brink of death. They will pray for the sick, and relieve pain, banish disease, rejuvenate the body, and mend bones. Malakhim can usually do little, but banish colds, and mend scrapes and fractures. Meanwhile Seraphim can grant lost limbs to those who have lost them, and awaken men and women from dark coma’s. Because of this power, some will make pilgrimages to religious temples in the hopes of being healed by an angel, or may flag down a wandering Cleric/Paladin who has an angel as his/her travelling companion. Of course, to keep from being constantly bogged in healing work, they only help those in dire need, those who can’t help themselves, or those who they are close to.

Summoning: An angel is allowed to summon their weapon once she may need it for combat, drawing it from thin air. Likewise they may banish it once it no longer has need of it, and can do the same for any other valuable holy artifact they may own. Some Seraphim have been known to keep entire armories that they might exhaust over the length of a crusade.

General Diet

As divine spirits, angels don’t need to eat or drink to survive. They get all the energy they need to live from their innate connection with their god.  In the case of those with an inactive deity, an angel will instead passively absorb ambient aether and terrestrial mana particularly in places like a spirit realm.


Pre-Samsara, the majority of angels were made by a deity and thus most angels didn’t actually reproduce. When the major deities who took on the Samsara pilgrimage, most classes of angels were given the ability to mate and procreate in a physical form on occasion. As such this new generation of angels are born with their physical forms, though as spirits they can still learn to dispell it.


A nephilim is the hybrid offspring of an Angel and a non-divine parent, typically a mortal species. They were a rarity but have become a bit more of an occurrence after the deities who took the Samsara pilgrimage granted the lesser divinities the ability to procreate on their own.

Lifespan and Growth

Before Samsara, angels were made not born, fully grown and formed. Now those angels who are fertile, their offspring may start out as a baby but quickly matures physically and emotionally.


These are the types of divinities that have been produced by deities, some are created by most and a few types are near exclusive to a worship sphere (like love), a pantheon, or a single god.


Lower rank angels whose default forms are humans with light colored robes with dressed in white or golden robes with feathered bird wings on their backs and a glowing halo above their heads. However most of the time they ask permission to possess a sentient being in order to exist in the material plane or preachers ask followers to accept their bodies as vessels.


Lower rank angels whose hearts are filled with overflowing love. They are also a rare angel type that only very few deities possess.

Houri can only manifest as a beautiful young humanoid woman. Scripture often detailed them as a heavenly reward in their deity’s afterlife for devout men, gorgeous women free from the routine bodily functions of an ordinary woman such as menstruation, menopause, urinal and offal discharge. They have personalities filled with love, and it seems they appear before those who accumulated good deeds, or love-starved men. Also, they say the souls of women who were deeply in love, but died before they were able to express their feelings to their beloved, and women who are separated from their beloved husband by death are sometimes reincarnated as houris. They possess the memories of their past life, and by becoming an angel of love, the love in their bosom deepens; it will be directed towards the man they had feelings for in their past life.


They have the some of the most alien physical descriptions of all the angels: wheels nested within wheels, constantly spinning, with rims covered in eyes. They may be “beryl-colored” (probably a greenish-yellow) and on fire.

Believed to serve as the living wheels of the celestial chariots that the heads of pantheon rode on.

(singular Cherub) Cherubim are rare high rank guardians and are known to have 4 wings and 4 heads.  They have the faces of a lion, ox, eagle, and man peering out from the center of an array of four wings, covered with a multitude of eyes.


(singular Seraph) Seraphim are angels who take on the form of fiery serpents with six wings as large as themselves in their native realm. The reason they have six wings is to cover their true form, which is so bright and glorious that all who gaze upon it (sometimes including lesser angels) are incinerated instantly.


Apsaras are a feminine race of divine servitors of the Deva pantheon of deities who spent their days entertaining the inhabitants with their songs, poetry, dance, or other form of artistic expression. In addition they held jurisdiction over the clouds and water of nature. Many are the wives of the Gandharvas, the court musicians of Indra. They dance to the music made by the Gandharvas, usually in the palaces of the gods, entertain and sometimes seduce deities and men. Some come to the Physical Plane to be muses for mortals and still others protect sacred theaters and places of great natural beauty. They prefer to remain hidden, either in gaseous form, invisibly, or both, so they can advise and watch over the mortal world on behalf of the goddess.


Gandharvas are a masculine race of divine servitors of the Deva pantheon known for their skill as musicians, as well as their connection to the wilderness. In addition they once acted as messengers between the Hindu gods and mortals.  Many have an apsara as their wife and soul mate. Gandharvas also have symbolic connections with procreation and sexuality, including the Hindu institution of “Gandharva marriage,” a consensual union of husband and wife who have consummated their relationship before any sort of ceremonial union. Gandharvas appear as handsome, youthful men in their native realm and possess superb musical and dramatic skills. As such, Gandharvas often filled the role of entertainers in the heavenly courts, appearing at banquets and other special events to create beautiful music for the gods while the Apsaras danced along.


Yakshas are a broad class of benevolent angels, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots. Male yakṣas appear as either as fearsome warriors or as portly, stout and dwarf-like. Female yakṣas, known as yakṣiṇīs, manifest as beautiful young women with happy round faces and full breasts and hips.


Valkyries are divine female warriors of Vahalla that served the Aesir, and mid-ranked angels that are both valorous and noble of spirit. They swear loyalty to the gods who are their masters, and obeying their voice that echoes directly in their mind, they accompany mortals destined to become heroes and champions. It is their duty to urge these individuals to awaken as heroes and build up their power. Those who have been encountered by them go on to become great heroes, paladins, and clerics widely known to the world, and it is purported that after death, the valkyries would carry these deceased warriors to Valhalla, where they trained the men to prepare them for Ragnarök.


Amorini are mid-rank angels that once served gods and goddesses of love. Taking the form of small winged children or young adults, they have kind-hearted, quiet personalities, and what they love beyond all else is seeing men and women happily joined together. They possess the power to bring about an immortal love that never fades between those lovers who should be joined in the name of love. After the gods took a leave of absence, some amorini have themselves looked for love among the races as well.

Their golden “arrows of love” have the power to make those who are shot swell up with love. It even brings sentiment that a person was still unaware of to the surface; faint love becomes deep love, and people themselves are made to realize how much they love their partners. If shot with love arrows, even a couple dishonest about their feelings and unable to be joined by chance encounters will immediately develop a sweet atmosphere. Unable to conceal their love for each other, they will start to express it through words and skin contact. Even those who are dull and unaware of love, and those who are too haughty and prideful to love another, will notice the love directed towards them. The importance of love will hit them like a ton of bricks, and they won’t be able to help but acknowledge it.


The highest class. Stronger than other angels, demons and majority of deities. Complete immunity to corruption in any form. They are believed to be the most powerful angels created by an deity believed to have created existence. However they almost never descend to the physical realm and live in a spiritual realm inaccessible to all.


After the appearance of Deities on Kaf, the most powerful of them attempted to create life. Using the power of divine miracles, spiritual lifeforms were created as the first angels. Other deities created their version of angelic beings and they served as extensions of their will, their eyes, ears, and messengers. They and their deity often dwelled in specially made spirit realms called heavens, (believed to be a misspelling of haven).

Divine Quest

Paramount to the lives of angels were that of the Divine Quest. Aside from the inner workings of a pantheon’s spirit realm, these are the Angels main duties, and they take many forms based on the needs of their heaven and their Chief God. These Divine Quests are what for millennia helped mortal beings access the power of divine magic and kept the gods relationship with Kaf relatively stable.


A simple job, all that is required is for an Angel to appear before a denizen of Kaf, and recite to them instructions given to them by their god. This is often to point a wandering paladin in the right direction, or to guide a church or kingdom into the right direction.


This is when an Angel is required specifically to fight a foe of their patron god. It may be a group of marauders, trying to destroy a church, or holy site, it may be a horde of invading monsters, or it could be to lead or guide an invasion into a Demon Realm itself. It may even be for the elimination or capture of a specific Fallen Angel.

Angels sent for these quests are always armed and armored. Needless to say, not only are the competent at Combat, they are masters of it. If they sent alone, it will be a high rank fighter, Valkyries in particular are most often following these kinds of quests. Sometimes entire Choirs of Angels will be sent for these for these missions.

However, for a number of reasons, Angels prefered to avoid fighting the forces of the Demon Lord. The large amount of Demonic Energy they possess means that it is easy for them to corrupt an Angel, so they preferred to let the mortal armies do most of the fighting in the Ghulat war.

Samsara Pilgrimage

As the gods decided to leave their positions for a new type of existence, they explained the results and reasonings for doing so to their angels.

Angels from various pantheons had a range of reactions, many of them going through the five stages of grief. A few were so confused they broke away from their gods reach and became templar extremists known as Fallen Angels.

Most angels eventually came to respect their gods choice and the passing of the panethons. Many continue on their previous work in their god’s absence, others free to become their own agents to experience life. Before angels were always sent to do something, their gods were now giving them choice with their absence. Interestingly some divine quests are stilled carried out, mainly to protect mortals from evil or to give guidance to the gods in their numerous mortal reincarnations.


Angels are naturally devout, and as such love and accept their deity’s religion, and it’s sense of community. Likewise, they have a great love of music, particularly choral and church songs, but so long as they lyrics are senseible, they have a love for all types of music.

They have a boundless curiosity about the mortal races and the world they inhabit, and they are woefully uninformed when they first arrive, and it can take several visits to the Mortal Realm before they are adequately acclimated. If you ever meet a young angel, expect to be pestered by all kinds of mundane questions.

As a part of their insatiable curiosity, almost any Angel you ever come across will be an incurable gossip. They were once forbidden from speaking any secrets from spirit realms, something many still do, but they will not hesitate to peak into the affairs of others. None of this is mean spirited however, they simply believe talking about such things is either a means to spread happy news if the subject in question is good, or a means to fix a problem if the subject in question is bad.

They are likewise invested in stories, whether they be spoken or written, fact of fiction, and are particularly fond of adventures and romances. However among the more experienced angels, many have a penchant for philosophy, and will have lengthy discourse about it to those they come across. This is a means to voice their silent doubt of opposing gods past doctrine, as otherwise, they would turn to that if a moral or ethical quandary were ever to arise.


When an Angel is sent/wants to use their powers to bless an person, place, or thing. It may be a farmer down on their luck, a Paladin or Cleric on an adventure, a small tavern, shop, church, or orphanage, or a treasured piece of jewelry, or a crusaders sword. The rank of angel sent to do these tasks depends on the strength of the blessing needed, but they are some of the easiest quests that can be undertaken by an Angel.


This is for when a non-divine being commits too many sins. At best this results in a cursing. At worst, they might hunt them to death. However, if they can, Angels will try to set the person on the path to redemption.

This job also describes work involving the hunting down of a Fallen Angel. As Angels are frequently swamped with work, they go from worst case scenario down, hunting down Fallen Angels who seek to spread debauchery and turning fellow Angels and other beings. If they can, they will try to burn away the Demonic Energy within them in a torturous procedure, which rarely works. If they are beyond redemption, they are imprisoned far, far from the Demon Realms in a prison guarded by a Choir of Cherubs.

Only the top Angels are given this work, for fear the Fallen Angels may turn their Captors, which has been known to happen. Because of this, many Fallen Angels live comparatively quiet lives, far from Angel Dominated lands, so as to escape the notice of these hunters of Fallen Angels.


This is when an Angel is sent to accompany a mortal being, most often a Cleric or Paladin, to guide them through either particularly dangerous dungeons, or to guide them to a specific artifact they are meant to recover. These angels must be competent in combat to aid their charges during this time. The most commonly sighted Angels are these, as they must reveal themselves to their charges to aid them, though they will often take disguises while traveling otherwise.


Volunteer Amorini take up these jobs most often. Their goal is to assist the mortal races falling in love with each other, and resulting in keeping the population high and spread positive emotions. Rather, that is their job now, they used to be more concerned in keeping alive the lines of kings, emperors and, however with the aftermath of the Ghul Wars and the absence of the love gods, their service is to boost the morale and relationships of all after the struggle.

Cupids will come to the Mortal Realm to spread love amongst towns, cities, and communities, often around around holidays, and returning to their spirit realm upon completing their quota. Their are few limits to how they are allowed to operate, and little oversight on these jobs, so long as the job is done, and chaos resulting from their antics does not exceed the norm.


A job that entails staying within the mortal realm to guard Holy Sites and Artifacts. The most  powerful places are the domain of the Cherubs wielding Heavenly Flaming Swords, who spend their lives guarding such objects, defending them from any save those following the Gods.

Guardian Angel

One of the many Divine Quests is that of being a Guardian Angel. It is a job that requires competence and diligence, as it has no set terms for accomplishment. It can last for months, years, even entire lifetimes.

Simply put a Guardian Angel is an Angel sent to guard a mortal being from harm. People who are to be guarded range from aspiring paladins, accomplished heroes, royalty, priests and church officials, or otherwise anyone the gods or the angels themselves deems need protection.

A Guardian Angel in this case is no different from any other, aside from the fact to them, the individual they are guarding is now considered Holy, and they can sense their charge wherever they are, and can instinctively know whether or not they are in danger. In addition, the mortal charge is usually given a powerful blessing, in that it increases the luck of the person, and that it causes more good than bad in regards of the charges safety.
Approaches to their target vary from person to person, based on how the angels feel the target is best approached, and how much watch they must be under. Most appear under disguises, some watching from afar, others befriending their charges. Most Angels who appear to aid a Hero, Cleric, or Paladin on their quest double as a Guardian Angel for their time together.

These cases are usually assigned to Angels based on merit, as opposed to many of the Volunteer jobs. Each Angel must at least be reasonably competent, and capable of defending themselves, and their charges from harm.

The most precious of cases, a powerful Angel will guard one of the incarnates, a deity that chose to be reborn as a species of mortals. The incarnates lack most of their memories but may regain them subconsciously as they grows up. In order to keep tabs on their charge, a guardian angel may manifest as a future childhood friend. Many angels that were close to them as gods, will guard them in this life as well. They serve to awaken the incarnates of their nature and past lives, as well as train them to use their divine powers to their full potential, sometimes for multiple reincarnations.


Magic Use

As divine spirits, angels use their internal magoi to perform magic known as Divine Works in addition to ordered spellcraft. With divine works, angels are able to circumvent established limitations on spellcraft. These include conjuring materials from thin air, eliminating demonic corruption, and bestowing blessings that channel the divine power from their deity while active.

Science and Technology


Methods or inventions to get to a new place


Tools for individual or group self-defense or offense


Traditional or adopted ways to get information across

Medical Treatment

Major treatments used and cultural meaning behind them


Materials and procedures used to supply tools to the people


Author’s Notes

Some extra notes about the species, how and why I put the changes I made, the research I did or what generally went through my mind when adding it

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