History and Events

Collapse of Civilization

Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Power– biomass (wood burning)

Transportation– pedestrian, steed/mounts, bicycle

Medicine– herbalism, poultice, Ayurveda, Zhongyi

Cooking– open roasting, rotisserie, boiling

Communication – oral, leaf writing, smoke signals

Weaponry– stick, hand axe, knife, club, slingshot, longbow, recurve bow, spear, wooden shield, short sword, chains, wooden poles


Significant Events

  • While the major wars provided economic and technological booms, the dragging on of multiple smaller ones damaged the budgets and reputations of the Jinn and Faerie Courts.
  • During the various warring periods, more and more spirits move to the spirit realms to escape from the physical wars.

Jabberwock and Demonic Invasions

  • Deadly threats created by Shaytan are artificial dragon breeds known as Jabberwocks that become stronger by absorbing/eating various forms of arcane magic; including bio-magical beings like the faye, spirits, and magical beast and flora species.
  • Poor transferring of jabberwocks by Shaytan causes them to escape into wild and become an invasive species on most Kaf wildlife and attack all kinds of sentient beings using ordered spell craft or their supernatural/preternatural abilities, even Ghuls and Shaytan themselves.
  • Some jabberwock follow spirits into the various otherworlds that are partially physical. They feed on the energies there, causing rampant damage and instability to these worlds, calling the attention of minor divinties that oversee these realms.
  • The protectors of these worlds find that jabberwocks quickly breed in these worlds and call in the assistance of Deities from the Godrealms.
  • As more Angels and similar divinities are send off to prevent too many otherworlds from falling to the Jabberwocks, the Demonic division stage attacks on the less guarded Godrealms.
  • The battles between the Demonic forces and the Pantheons within the Godrealms cause damage on both both sides and to the usually stable Godrealms. At the same time, the Shaytan use the distraction to send their Ghul forces into the Afterlife realms to disrupt them and the Deities connection to the souls providing them power, weakening their divine abilities.
  • While some afterlives were guarded to standstills, many were unprepared and collapse causing the pantheons to lose their reservoir of power.

Spirit Realms Collapse

  • Within a century, the jabberwock infestation causes a disturbance in the stability of many spirit realms. In order to prevent the jabberwock from destroying all of the spirit realms, angels sent by an unnamed god join forces with martial guardian spirits to slay the monstrous lifeforms.
  • During this time most spirits become less preoccupied with physical world including deities protecting their domains, as such prayers and the like go unanswered for longer periods of time.
  • Most divinities are able to eradicate the invasive species but the damage done to the majority of spirit realms is too large to recover them in time. Evacuation efforts are made to clear out all the spirits of these doomed worlds and most have no choice but to move towards Kaf’s prime ethereal layer.
  • Only very few spiritual realms remain, the domains and homes of many spirits, including deities collapsed and are dissolved into the aether.
  • The first casualties happen on both sides with an attack on Asgard made by Loki and Ferir betraying their fellow deities for the giants of the Shaytan forces. The event known as Ragnarok results in the deaths of all but two of the Aesir-Vanir Pantheon and the destruction of their godrealm and connected otherworlds.
  • Similar standstills occur in other pantheons causing very large spirit realms like the Godrealms of Olympus, Takamaghara, Svarga and others collapse due Archdemons shattering their link to the ethereal plane, have their structures fall to the mountains of the physical world.

Last Resorts

  • In last ditch efforts to prevent the Shaytan and Demons from getting immortality through ambroisa; the deities destroy their  sources to ensure that the invaders can’t live forever.
  • Coastline of the Marid Kingdom and outskirts of the Ifrit Kingdom are suddenly attacked by the Demonic division of the Shaytan. Hundreds of djinn citizens are killed or captured within mystically binding metallic objects like oil lamps, bottles, and rings.
  • Sil’at Djinn escape to the scattered oasis in their lands and attempt to hide them from invading forces.
  • Ifrit Djinn on the front lines defend what they can from the Shaytan forces, their civilians attempt to escape deep into various mountains.
  • A desperation mission is made to stop the operation of a Shaytan doomsday device powered by immortal deities and designed to eliminate an entire species of people at a time.
  • The resulting struggle results in the apparent destruction of the entire invading force and the Shaytan species.

Ghulat Wars Fallout

  • After the defeat of the Shaytan, the remaining djinn enforcers set off to find those Djinn trapped in lamps. Some were found and freed, but many are lost or forgotten over the centuries, and end up in the most unexpected places on Kaf.
  • On Kaf, global temperatures rise connected to the rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions of industrial coal plants. This causes the melting of polar regions, increasing the sea level and causing islands and shore lines to be underwater and producing higher occurrences of extreme weather. The dramatic increase in the ocean temperatures leads to the gradual extinction of various forms of sea life including aquatic faye and magical beasts.
  • The raw mana turbulence makes its return with the destruction of the World Tree, Axis Mundus, letting magic power escape uncontrollably and wreaking worldwide havoc by having the occurrence of natural disasters increase, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricane systems.
  • Collapse of highly populated otherworlds like Faerie, leaves most of the faye races from them vulnerable to the extreme altered ecosystems of Kaf. Various monster faye and hostile magical beast species once banished to Transylvania escape into the Kaf wilderness with the collapse of the spirit realm.
  • Depletion of natural resources  and pollution from the millennia of war efforts lead to mass migrations of races from their homelands. Evacuees have to roam through lands unfarmable for centuries due to overfarming, mining, or radioactive fallout. Previously cleared forests designed for plantations and animal grazing soon become barren deserts.
  • With constant disasters killing off beings and making resources harder to find, many towns and industrial plants previously occupied are abandoned.
  • Many species of faye like Elves, Centaurs, Trolls from both Kaf and Faerie along with hominins like the Dwarves and Halflings have their populations diminished to critically endangered numbers, and both Faerie Courts gradually dissolve as a result.
  • More and more remaining beings have to live off what they could find from the fallout of the wars or become bandits who stole from others to get what they need.
  • Depletion of resources and technology lead to many people’s dying off and those that survived reduced to subsistence living at best.

Reclaimed Wilderness

  • Natural world begins to take over where civilizations once were, grasslands and woodlands appearing over abandoned structures of past civilizations.
  • Djinn Kingdoms falls into a decline as well with dramatic reduction in trade over the years and many still trapped in scattered containers. Remaining Djinn attempt to set up a provisional government to handle the situation.
  • Most of the world becomes an extensive, richly rendered spread of unspoiled natural environments dotted with Lunarian or Djinn ruins, full of lush vegetation and herds of wild animals.
  • Various kinds of nature spirits flourish within the wilderness adapting to the physical world with the loss of their otherworlds. These spirits change so that taking on a physical form becomes part of their developmental life cycle.
  • Sapient inhabitants are forced to live in scattered encampments through out the world.
  • Deforestation of Kaf’s forests led to the disappearance of various tree dwelling hominin species in temperate and subarctic regions. At least one species seems to be successful in the deepest jungle of the Zomia Tropics. These Homins form small bands high in the tree tops that dissolve when they get too large.
  • Fairies become one of the most successful race of faye, using their sense of direction to live deep within the forested wilderness. With the destruction of near every environment and ecosystem outside, the fairies of Kaf couldn’t stand to see the dying planet, wiped out peoples and just the whole world going to crap. Maybe out of an atonement for every faction’s involvement or a chance to save a world from the brink of destruction, fairies everywhere began efforts to restore the environments of Kaf.
  • Fairy territories spread around the great forests to encourage other forest dwelling species to support the growth of forests.  Fairies developed a culture deeply associated with primitive skills and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals, emphasizes regenerative land management techniques as well as development of the senses and fostering deepening personal relationships with members of other species and the natural world in order to properly maintain the ecologically balance of their own habitats. Some fairies moved from the forested areas to understand and restore other biomes of the world like grasslands, wetlands, and deserts.
  • Environmental changes to the habitats of various species of naga like flooding makes it hard for remaining males and females to find mates of their respective species. This resulted in hybridization of different sexual species of naga, and these female only offspring develop the ability to reproduce asexually. These Lamia serve as the only surviving linage of naga after centuries of all the species disappearing due to lack of reproduction.
  • Aquatic faye from Faerie attempt to live within the degrading wetlands and seas of Kaf. Most don’t do well in these conditions but one species survives in the still fertile saltwater wetlands. These progenitors of merfolk also moved to the seas that they run into.
  • Large humanoid faye known as Giants migrate and settle into a large group of forested mountains. This landmass breaks off from the mainland after a series of massive earthquakes along the fault lines, eventually forming a chain of islands.
  • Also originally from Transylvania, harpy species attempt to live in the wilderness of Kaf. Of the different species, the most humanoid harpy species have the most success by living relatively close to the remaining humanoid encampments and relying on the lost (or kidnapped) males to reproduce.
  • For the deities, the Devas are able to have the Aesir and Vanir become reborn as the various mortal races still left on Kaf. This and the state of Kaf cause considerations among the deities, leading to the Samsara Pilgrimage.


  • Although the Amazoness largely stayed out of the major conflicts of the Ghulat Wars, by the end, the decline of civilizations everywhere meant that one of the major sources of pillaging was gone and the sizes and number of villages were decreasing. Due to the scarcity, Amazoness tribes would even attack other, some left for the north by boat and would later become the Shield Maidens. These Amazoness in particular became less hostile to foreign males, even gaining some among their ranks willing in harsh times but still maintaining a more women run lifestyle and fighting force. The seperate Mino Amazoness tribes dug further into the tropical wilderness and began to built stilt houses to protect their homes from fierce beasts and tribal warfare.



Genre: Near-Future
Power-Electric motors and generators, Nuclear fission

Transportation– (military) liquid-fuel rocket, Ion drive spacecraft (civilian) electric carts

Medicine– inoculation, isolated antibiotics, injections, imaging scanners

Cooking– electronic stoves and ovens, microwaves

Communication-telegraph, radio transmission, black and white video, sound recorders

Weaponry-Machine gun, Assault rifle, C4 grenade, flash grenade, rail-gun, coil gun, electrolaser, EMP generators, ion cannon, Kevlar armor, carbon-nano-fibers

Significant Events

  • Improvements on past spacecraft are carried out by enlisted Lunarians and overseen by Faerie Courts, to develop spaceships that can reliably send over advanced weaponry and ammunition to Kaf.
  • Various forms of circuitry and electronics are developed via assembly lines in factories employing Lunarians  to be integrated in weaponry and location devices.
  • Soon various forms of robotics arise from advancement of the golem spellcraft and alchemy of Kaf Research into micro technology develops programmable nanobots able to build organized units including objects, tools, machinery,  and even function as an automaton.
  • Nanobots are programmed and constructed into automatons to entertain soldiers and serve as walking transplants for wounded warrior’s organ replacements.
  • Lunar societies face cataclysm when Ghuls break into fortified cities, factories and research centers; Lunarians prepared for attack put their children, adolescents and selected caretakers in suspended animation to survive the onslaught.
  • Isolated Qarin elves are surprised and those who survive scatter into the wilderness of the moon’s natural environment.

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