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Amazoness are a subspecies of humans and one of the only two human species native to Kaf. In Amazoness societies, women are their society’s only political and religious leaders, as well as the only warriors and hunters; queens are elected and apparently any woman can aspire to and achieve full human expression. They are known for keeping their men at home as house-husbands while the women are off hunting and fighting. They can withstand quite a bit a physical punishment as well as show impressive magical resistance. They tend to at least respect anyone who can match their strength.

Quick Species Profile
(Homo sapiens amazónes)
Life Expectancy
Average: 65 years
Max: 120 years
Average Height: 6′ to 7’4″
Average Weight: 160-280 lbs.
Creature Type: Natural Humanoid



Eyes: Brown, Hazel, Green, Blue, Gray
Hair:Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Auburn, Blonde

Amazoness are exceptionally tall human women ranging from 6 to 7 feet at adulthood. Mino tribeswomen tend to have tan to brown skin and generally have dark hair with brown, green or hazel eyes. Shield maidens often have lighter features such as fair skin or blonde hair, possibly due to living in northern areas.

Amazoness are biologically human but some have ancestors of other humanoid males, likely via interbreeding due to times scarce of human breeding partners. As such these particular Amazons may have slightly off traits like inhuman hair color, eye color or complexion or their bloodline may grant them access to preternatural abilities or arcane magic.

Physiological Traits

Peak Human Condition: Amazon’s bodily functions are enhanced to the pinnacle of human conditioning; therefore, their strength, speed, stamina, senses, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are greatly heightened beyond that of typical humans, even Olympic athletes of either sex. They’re strong enough to punch an individual through a wooden/thin metal door, break thin steel bars with their bare hands, fast enough to catch-up or outrun moving vehicles, they can exert themselves to peak capacity; therefore, eliminating build-up fatigue chemicals, producing top-endurance and lung capacity; agile enough to climb the tallest of buildings, leap to high feats into the air and distant yards; reflexive enough to quickly dodge incoming attacks and react better to fast motions, accurate enough to achieve multiple small and further distant targets, capable of living longer than the average-person, durable enough to withstand normal and superhuman physical/projectile attacks, intelligent enough to understand complex problems better than average humans, they can heal themselves in short-periods of time, flexible enough to co-ordinate their limbs perfectly and their combat skills are advanced enough to defeat large groups of enemies.

Mostly female births: When an Amazoness gives birth, her offspring is almost always female, with males being exceedingly rare. Also male amazoness don’t seem to develop the signature bodily functions, effectively born as regular men. Sometimes a male they give birth to may be their father’s race if a humanoid but nearly always an Amazoness if female.

Slower signs of Aging: Amazoness seem to take longer to show signs of aging then typical humans, wrinkles, graying of hair, fat accumulation, and onset of menopause  may only appear a decade or two later in non-Amazoness women. This may in part be due to their highly active lifestyle and rigorous training.

Innate Abilities

Mystic Arts: Being natural humanoids, when Amazoness channel mana from the environment into themselves, the energy generates a substance known as manaplasm. Their magic involves manipulation of mana plasma to do various things such as act as a projectile, barrier, mimic other substances, or alter preexisting magical effects. They are trained in the use of these mystical skills as much as physical fighting. Those that specialize in these skills are the standard combat mages of the Amazoness.

Magical Bloodlines: Many individual Amazoness have parentage or ancestry from preternatural or supernatural humanoids. As such those with more supernatural ancestry prone to developing biological magic traits or features. Women with strong preternatural traits may go on to develop their traits and possibly be able to perform spellcraft and become a type of arcane mage.

General Diet

Are opportunistic omnivores like all humans but their diets edge toward foods with high carbohydrate and protein content. This involves starchy staples like wheat, rice and well as hunting for the meat of various animals, be they insect, bird, amphibian, reptile, or mammal. Those in tropical regions also partake of various fruits and edible fungi.


Same as human women but with a much higher inclination towards producing female offspring. Their bodies seem to be resistant to full hybridization as mating with humanoids results in mostly human looking Amazoness offspring. Cultural speaking, the Amazoness would visit or invade neighboring humanoid settlements or groups with fertile males. Some would take them as slaves, and once or twice a year they would have sex with their slaves.

Lifespan and Growth

Amazoness are born and grow in a matter identical to humans. Around middle to late childhood of a girl is when her facilities begin to improve beyond that of regular humans. Their power typically reaches its peak around sexual maturity, and as long as they maintain it with an appropriate level of fitness, can remain until the end of their lives.



A portal from Earth leaves approximately 7000 Earth humans from various cultures in the medieval age of our history to Wood Elf territory. The response is the Faerie Courts holding them in magically reinforced camps to prevent them from attacking or escaping. Only an extremely small margin escape from the camps with nowhere to go except becoming a part of the equally strange society of the humans of Kaf. Within the tropical forest, they were forced to develop their own society to combat the harsh wilderness.

Although these groups originally had the men performing the labor intensive work and protection, the creatures of Kaf proved to be too esoteric or vicious for the males, leaving them wounded or dead. Soon the women had to step in that role, only for some reason, they began to grow stronger over the generations and their instinct for battling against Kaf fauna grew as well. More apparent in their change in physiology was their increase in producing female offspring with these traits for battle and less males over time. To compensate they began to raid other humanoid beings settlements for food, supplies and males to mate with.

Although the Amazoness largely stayed out of the major conflicts of the Ghulat Wars, by the end, the decline of civilizations everywhere meant that one of the major sources of pillaging was gone and the sizes and number of villages were decreasing. Due to the scarity, Amazoness tribes would even attack other, some left for the north by boat and would later become the Shield Maidens. These Amazoness in particular became less hostile to foreign males, even gaining some among their ranks willing in harsh times but still maintaining a more women run lifestyle and fighting force.

Amazoness tribes dug further into the tropical wilderness and began to built stilt houses to protect their homes from fierce beasts and tribal warfare.

When civilizations started to pick up again, the Mino Amazoness remained mostly isolationalist to maintain their matriarchal society in opposition to patriarchal or egalitarian ones. They also ended their tribal warfare, declaring that Amazoness tribes and bands should ultimately work together even despite their differences. Despite their stance on not wanting to change their values, they have eased a bit on trade with outsiders (especially weapons) and pillaging somewhat.




Amazoness are all raised to be warriors from childhood. In fact their military force requires every women to do some service once they come of age and give them the option of serving their forces. Because of this, they possess excellent physical abilities and are proficient in the art of war.

With those groups that they conquer, the women and girls of foreign captives are recruited into the ranks of an Amazoness citizen. Because of this many Amazoness groups also have a minority of non-human members as well.

Membership among the Amazoness was supposed to hone any aggressive character traits for the purpose of war. In other areas of life, such as the home, politics, academics, and services, feelings of aggression are prohibited and seen as only for the battlefield. Members are encouraged to help each other in all walks with fighting only to be done in battles.

Since their society consists mainly of women, their views of gender roles are the opposite of those of patriarchal societies, so women take up arms and fight as warriors, while men are regarded as frail, and responsible for watching over the house and young children. Their duty is also to heal women who return exhausted from hunting or battle and mate with them to provide offspring.


Particular ethnic or racial groups within the species. Some may also have subspecies

  • Mino
  • Shield Maiden


The distinctive high stilt architecture of the Mino Amazoness tree houses, well above flood-water levels, is a form of defensive fortification – to disrupt rival clans from capturing people (especially children) for slavery or cannibalism. The height and girth of the common ironwood stilts also serves to protect their houses from arson attacks in which huts are set alight and the inhabitants smoked out.

The Shield Maidens live in isolated single structures which are about seven meters long and four and meters wide. The roofs are thatched and the walls are simple materials woven together within the posts. The floor of the houses are mainly made of the normal earth.


Their ancestors landed in a strange land of magical creatures and had to learn to survive in the wilderness. During that time they pledged to various spirits, leading them to find goddesses to protect them from hostile beings. As they became more focused on combat, they specially began to favor goddesses of hunting, or fighting like Artemis. They also aspired to be like the Valkyrie class of angels, and hoped to be reborn as them if they fell in battle.

After the gods left for the Samasara pilgrimage, the object of worship for the Amazons turned to the Valkyries themselves. Praises and hymns go out to them for success in battle and every now and again a few may decide to lead them.

Other Amazoness may follow variations of neighboring faiths that can mix with their martial code like Deism, Hinduism, Taoism.


Amazoness are a matriarchal society as they consist almost entirely of females. Male amazoness are the rare boys born to these women who because they lack the physical prowess of their female counterparts, their place in adulthood is to perform household tasks and impregnate their superiors. Interestingly these male children are basically identical to typical human men in every way, Mino society role for them is to maintain the household for the but for the Shield Maidens they can also participate in martial affairs until they are injured or lose in battle.


Mino amazoness typically wore clothing from the leather of hunted animals, often wearing tunics and knee high shorts. On the hottest and most humid days, they might simply wear only loincloths on their hips.

Shield maiden amazoness attire comprised of the underwear made from linen, long in the sleeve and extending down to the floor. Alternatively they wear a pair of trousers made from wool and long sleeve tunics long up to the knees. The tunic would be fastened at the neck by a brooch and tied at the waist with a leather belt. Almost all of the jewellery are crafted in specific designs unique to them.


The Amazoness begin to develop their signature peak abilities in middle to late childhood, which when adult amazoness begin to train them to hone their skill set with intense physical exercise regiments.  They learn survival skills and indifference to pain and death, storming thorn defenses in military exercises and engage in battle among themselves in arranged competitions held in the local arena for the general public’s entertainment. Discipline is emphasized throughout their lives.

Amazoness typically come of age at 15 years old. As they come of age they have trials as a young female has to face (usually some sort of solo hunt), after which they are a respected adult in the community.

Magic Use

Unlike arcanist beings, Amazoness use Mystical Arts as their magic. Almost all of their mages use their magic for the purposes of combat. They tend to use the mana plasma they conjure as constructs to assist in battle, often taking on the shape of extra weapons or makeshift armor. Many others may also use the energy to instead reinforce their bodies to accelerate their physical performance.

Science and Technology


Most Amazoness simply travel on foot, though some possess steeds to ride on ranging from horses to elephants.


Nearly all amazoness are raised from childhood to be proficient with various melee weaponry such as clubs and war hammers to daggers and swords. They are often equipped to having ranged weapons from slings to spears and longbows.

Shield maidens particularly excel in using personal armor such as shields. They also have the well kept secret of making specialty magic canceling shields.  When these shields are hit, they emit an audible vibration that disables magical constructs and direct hits.

Amazoness who trade with or conquer other societies have the advantage of being able to acquire firearms which drastically increase their effectiveness for hunting and warfare.

Favored Melee

  • Knuckle dusters
  • Gauntlets
  • Club
  • Mace
  • War Hammer
  • Daggers
  • Glaive
  • Javelin
  • Broadsword
  • Zwiehander
Favored Ranged
  • Slingshot
  • Sling
  • Boomerang
  • Longbow
  • Crossbow
  • Hand pistol
  • Musket Rifle


Most isolated Amazons are still limited to smoke signals or carrying paper messages via birds. Trading Amazoness have access to handheld or personal devices such as hand radio, cellular phones or tablet computers.

Medical Treatment

Amazoness healing practices are borrowed from cultures they trade with, pillage, or conquer. Popular is physical manipulations like messages and chiropracy that relieve daily aches and stresses.


Amazoness creations and skills relate to living off the land, often using handcrafted tools made from naturally gathered materials. Most prefer to use their hands and work in groups rather than operate complex machines and tools to help perform tasks.


Author’s Notes

Some extra notes about the species, how and why I put the changes I made, the research I did or what generally went through my mind when adding it


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