Tasmandi is a submerged continent located in Kaf, mostly as a maze of sea canyons. It is based on the region known as Oceania.

What was once the mainland consists of a bewildering maze of cliffs, tors, and jagged channels sticking up out of the ocean. Many are honeycombed with ancient passages or topped with remnants of statues or buildings. Most are quite inaccessible from sea level without the use of ropes and pulleys, and the ocean floor around them is littered with the wreckages of ships that were dashed against the sheer cliffs and shoals.

As most of what remains of the continent is now located on the bottom of the Pelagic Ocean, the majority of its current inhabitants are water-breathing creatures such as fish, octopi and squids, and merfolk.


Nations Within

  • Hawaiki
  • Meropis
  • Lemuria
  • Pathi

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