Tianxia is the largest continent on Kaf and is based on North, East and Southeast Asia.

The mainland of Tianxia is incredibly large, equaling (and some say surpassing) the size of any other continent on Kaf. The mountains run along the western border of the continent’s northern half, all the way to the south. The mountains are incredibly tall with few dips, forcing all overland east-west trade through a limited number of routes.

Tianxia’s southern half is much more tropical, and dominated by the massive Zomia Tropics. There are also various islands within the region’s sea.

North Region
Based on classical East Asian Mythology
  • Jianghú
  • Wakoku
  • Gojosen
  • Wusiguo
South Region
Based on Southeast Asian Mythology
  • Indochic
  • Nusantara



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