Divine Works

Divine Works is the type of magic that is accessed by divine and transcendent spirits. 


Beings that perform divine works link their will not to the terrestrial mana of the planet, but the limitless cosmic energy of the universe. As divine magic uses cosmic energy, the surrounding energy of the celestial bodies and events as mana, Divine Works can access powers beyond the limitations of Arcane Magic and Mystic Arts. Whereas the spells and abilities of arcanist beings can manipulate or bend natural causes, only those enlightened to the universe can violate or bypass natural law. Unlike conjuring with only the power of worldly mana, divine conjuring can pull items from nothing, even in antimagic areas, while active and the objects created don’t dissipate when the caster is inactive.

The user is capable of using divine magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality.

It can create life in the form of angels, holy messengers of one’s will. Miracles can also bring those back from the brink of death if done effectively.


Miracles are chiefly performed by divine spirits and those that are granted the ability by them. Other spirits can also have moments where they enter a state capable of drawing cosmic energy under extreme stress or training to develop an indomitable will, a few even ascending into consistent divinity.


Divinities can bestow a small portion of their power to natural/arcanist beings and specially crafted magic resonant objects, giving them abilities far beyond what they would normally have. Sometimes a very devout mortal will be made into a conduit to channel the essence of a divine being in certain situations.



Workings are the abilities that beings given boons from divinities are capable of.

Antimagic Workings

These Workings allow users to detect the use of magic, shield themselves against it, or even turn it back against its wielder.

Entropic Workings

These Workings allow a users to unleash a tiny portion of the chaotic energies that roil within the universe. At low levels, they simply accelerate the natural process of decay; at high levels, they can cause instant disintegration.

Illusion Workings

These Workings allow the creation of illusory images, sounds or scents. The higher the level, the larger and more elaborate the illusions that can be created. They can also allow user to magically disguise its appearance, or at higher levels become invisible.

Luck Workings

These Workings allow a user to manipulate probability for itself or those it chooses to bless or curse. The more improbable an event, the more difficult it is to cause — making a traffic light turn green at just the right moment is trivial, for example, while winning the lottery is a lot harder. These Workings can’t be used to cause the impossible; you could direct lightning strikes during a storm, but couldn’t call lightning down from a cloudless sky. They also can’t be used to alter what’s already happened. For example, a being can’t reach into its pocket and “just happen” to find a flashlight there. However, when searching for a specific file in a filing cabinet, it might “just happen” to open the right drawer on its first try.

Mindbending Workings

A divine channler can’t control a mortal’s actions like a puppeteer pulling strings, but it can influence them by altering their perceptions. At their simplest level, these Workings allow a user to appear supremely charming or frightening. At higher levels, they can cause hallucinations, manipulate emotions, erase or fabricate memories, and ultimately, drive a mortal insane.

Morphic Workings

These Workings allow one to alter its own body — to increase or decrease its size, grow extra limbs, change into the shape of an animal or dissolve into smoke. Unlike Transmutation Workings (see below), changes one’s own form have no limit to their duration; they last until they decide to change back.

Sensory Workings

These Workings allow one to increase the acuity of its senses beyond the normal human range. At low levels it simply has unusually sharp senses. At mid levels it can see like a hawk, hear like a bat or scent like a bloodhound. At high levels it may use them to see in total darkness, peer through walls, listen to radio and cellular transmissions, or detect electrical currents.

Transmutation Workings

These Workings are used to transform the substance of objects — for example, they can change pebbles to gold, create food from sand or palaces from clouds, or turn people into pigs. The higher the level, the larger the scope of the transmutation and the longer it lasts. Truly permanent transmutations are impossible, but durations can be as long as a year and a day. (The most powerful can even effect transmutations lasting a whole century, although these must always include an escape clause.)

Travel Workings

This includes all movement-related Workings, from increased speed to flight to teleportation.


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