History and Events

Establishment Period

Analogous Era: Antiquity (Ancient Egypt, Fertile Crescent/Sumer, Indus Valley, China, Olmec)
Setting/Subgenre: Low Fantasy/Sword and Sandal
Technology Level:

Power- water wheels for mechanical energy, wind pumping for water pumping and drainage, wood burning
Transportation– Walking, dugout canoes, wheeled carts
Medicine- herbalism, poultice, bandaging, surgery, splints and traction
Cooking- open fire, rotisserie
Food storage- dry storage, fermentation
Communication- telepathy (spirits), spoken language (sapient corporeals)
Weaponry- axes, clubs, slingshots, bow and stone/bone arrow, daggers, short swords

Significant Events

Continuing improvements led to the furnace and bellows and provided Djinn the ability to smelt and forge native metals.

  • The land settled by the Djinn is named Jinnistan, while the other parts of the supercontinent ravaged by mana storms are simply dubbed Kaf or the Wilderness.

Mana storms duration and intensity decrease worldwide but leave behind portals that disrupt space-time, leading to various past moments of Earth.

  • One tree begins to absorb large amounts of residual mana fallout in the west, greatly expanding in size over the years.

The psychic echos of the departed in the Akasha records fuse with the primordial mana and the intangible matter of Kaf forms new varies spirits, that are neither Jinn nor Angels. The same Akasha infuses the natural landscape, propagating a completely new form of corporeal life, the Faye.

  • Faye develop in the Kaf Wilderness, Sylvans and roam in forests of the south, Mountain Faye live in various caves, Lilliputs settle in the woodlands and tall grass fields, Nymphs in various forests and waterways.

Offspring of animals became affected by residual environmental mana, resulting in either mega-fauna or Magical Beasts like dragons. Certain plant life also become affected, changing into Magical Flora.

  • Temporal Spatial rifts inevitably cause animals from Earth to cross into Kaf from various periods of time. Dinosaurs and similar ancient creatures crossover into the Kaf Wilderness while proto-human hominids cross over into other areas.

Most faye remain in small bands or tribes to forage and hunt. A few populous societies like that of Elves or Gnomes form chiefdoms to maintain social order and crude animal rearing.

  • Many hominids either thrive among islands, or are chased into the mountains or high up the trees of the forest by hostile creatures.

The still developing  background mana “field” starts to attract ambient particles of aether. This begins the development of a sort of intangible dimension that exists for spirits like djinn to inhabit.

  • Sylvan faye like Elves, develop methods of spell construction, mainly through significant incantation or ritual dances, to produce the  natural phenomena around them on command like wind or fire. Fire produced by early spells is harnessed to cook the food that they gather.


Descendants of the hominids that survive in the mountains adapt to live within tunnels they made, known as the Dwarves.

  • Descendants of the hominids of the islands which have limited resources proportionately shrink, becoming the Halflings.

Early societies develop ways of explaining the world around them, many of them developing animism, where the spirits have great influence and create imaginary personalities and stories behind them. Special spirits latch on the thoughts of these sapient beings and use them to grow in strength and ability.

  • These spirits are worshiped by their perspective society, taking on the projected personas to become enlightened and become Deities.

Dwarves soon follow the agricultural standard to maintain a surplus for their growing population. They are the first to brew beer and wine, which allows for a cleaner source of drinkable fluid that stagnant water.

  • Humanoid faye and natural humanoids/hominins (like Dwarves and Halflings) develop simple tools and weapons, typically from environmental materials like stone, wood, and animal bone. They also develop unique forms of spoken language.

Faye and Hominins learn to change their food preferences when sick and learn to eat bitter herbs in attempts to find remedies. Smarter groups even turn these plant parts into a heated soft mass to be placed on wounds and inflammation.

  • The magical power of the planet calms to the point that it produces a stable parallel world called the Prime Ethereal Plane. It exists in the same physical space as Kaf but composed of aether, meaning that corporeal beings can’t see or feel it but spirits like the djinn can interact with it.

Djinn Kingdom enjoys the new ethereal plane and stable terrestrial mana of their homeland, and are currently unaware of the existence of other spirits, faye and magical beasts/flora that roam the Kaf Wilderness.

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