History and Events

Settlement Epoch

Analogous Era: Neolithic

Setting\Subgenre: Stone/Desert Punk

Technology Level:

Power– manual, magical device

Transportation– walking, flight (djinn), flying carpets

Medicine– self-regeneration, healing magic

Cooking– N/A

Communication– talking, telepathy

Weaponry– fist-fighting, single target element spells


Significant Events


Currently one huge super continent, the land of the planet is named Kaf. Currently is has oceans of water and barren sandy lands.

  • After surveying the potential planet, the Jinn use their spacecraft to inject the Akasha into the planet where it will kick start the planet into generating its own renewable source of terrestrial mana.

Pioneer Jinn bring various plants and animals with them to inhabit the barren land and provide aesthetics. Establishing themselves with the new title: Djinn, to show their descendants that they were a new breed of jinn.

  • The Djinn wait out the process with their spacecraft for another century, but supplies begin to run dry so they slowly have to settle in the still developing world.

Storms composed of unstable mana frequently ravage lands as a by-product of the process and pioneer Djinn are forced to build shelters of rammed earth to escape passing storms.

  • Djinn discover creating corporeal bodies (vessels) provide some resistance to mana turbulence. Such djinn feast on the bones of passed animals to build and maintain the integrity of their physical forms.

After a millennium, the mana turbulence is reduced to point where places of terrestrial mana is stable. Djinn move here to plant seeds in stasis from Earth. Once the various plants begin succession of the now fertile ground, they slowly populate the area with small animals brought from magical stasis.



  • Djinn in the sand dunes areas without access to bio-fuels, made homes of adobe and used solar cookers comprising of polished obsidian

Djinn also bring stone tools like spears/axes/arrowheads/spears, pigments, pottery and ceramics, and magical artifacts from their original home.

  • Wheels were brought by Djinn from Earth but due to their natural flight, they mostly stay as playthings and toys for children.

Canoe boats were also brought over as luxuries for djinn who found time to relax .

  • Hot springs have been used for bathing by Djinn lucky enough to find groundwater.

The mana turbulance in various parts of Kaf cause the souls of the Akasha to fuse with its natural elements, providing the primordial spark for new forms of creatures.


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