List of Manaplasm Arts

This is the ever changing, always updating, list of arts performed with manaplasm.

Attack Arts

Shooting Type

Power Shot: The most basic shooting-type art. The conjurer merely compresses manaplasm in the shape of a large projectile, accelerates it, and sets it forth. It is interesting as the few arts that can be performed by arcanist beings although the mana they release stays as an energy blast, not a tangible substance like manaplasm.

Bolt Spread: Conjurer expels a conical pattern of volatile manaplasm particles that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. It is very powerful at close range but less accurate and less potent the further they are from the target.

Blowback Ripple: A forward shove by the conjurer creates a shock wave in the air produced by lightly charged volatile manaplasm. The art is aimed to push back anything in front and reflect incoming projectiles.

Precision Snipe: The conjurer concentrates their internal mana in their body to slow down the perception of the surroundings. Then that same stored power is aimed and fired through the pointer finger in a few long beams of mana. In addition to being more accurate, firing range is vastly increased, to the point where the conjurer can hit almost anything within sight.

Rosary Fire: A conjurer generates a number of floating manaplasm spheres and can be fired as it takes minimal time to set up the art. Each sphere launched also has auto-homing and barrier-piercing properties.

Rending Crescent: The art consists of the conjurer throwing a compressed mana blade at the target like a boomerang. Although it is middle range and the projectile speed is not high, it can easily pierce barriers and its varying route is more difficult to defend or dodge.

Bombardment Type:

Lightning Chain: By expanding the inherent charge of mana plasma, the substance can mimic a continuous stream of lightning shot from the hands that chains off of conductive surfaces and enemies. The surge lasts until the conjurer stops supplying mana to the art and the manaplasm dissipates.

Fireworks Shower: A shot of energetic manaplasm straight into the air separates into scattered bolts of plasma falling towards the ground.

Crossfire Volley-chain: Various arm thrusts launch various several sticky plasm balls that are ignited by a mana bolt into multiple explosions.


Melee Type:

Magic Fist: This technique channels a high concentration of mana to the user’s hands. The amount of energy is so great that it becomes visible and surrounds them in manaplasm. When they strike an object, they harden for short time like a gauntlet, offering defense as well as striking power.

Smash Collision: It is a compressed manaplasm-strike preceded by rapidly approaching the opponent and a results in a shock wave that occurs after the hit. It is typically performed by the conjurer’s fist, knees, elbows or feet.

Spin Twirl: A versatile technique performed by a doing a full spin with the arms stretched out as the carry a wave of manaplasm. Mostly it is used to stun, freeze, or make enemies dizzy by spinning into them. Can also deflect certain projectiles or gain some extra height during a jump.

Overload Surge: The user wraps their hands in manaplasm and rapidly sends all of the mana they can collect into them and force it into a receptacle with a large electromagnetic blast.

Demolition Shears: Opening the mouth, the conjurer projects two large manaplasm constructs forming the shape of a mechanical jaw. They can be clamped down to crush whatever in its maw.

Sledge Staff: Conjurer encases a tool or weapon in their hands with manaplasm, like a polearm, to reinforce the object to become much harder and resilient than normal.


Area of Effect Type:

Concussion Grenade: User is able to trap a collected amount of mana through the use of manaplasma’s inherent magnetic field. It can then be thrown unto a nearby individual. After a set amount of time, the magnetic field collapses, allowing the collected energy to explode into a shock wave blast.

Heavyshot Catapult: A volatile sphere of manaplasm is thrown causing a blast radius with significant splash damage.

Defense Arts

Barrier Type:

Protection Dome: The basic barrier-type defensive art. A thin sphere of manaplasm is erected in front of the user that simply wards off attacks. It has higher casting speed, wider effective area and lower mana consumption than other skills, but at the cost of defensive power.

Cluster Flux: Crossed palms are moved parallel with wrists then swung back together in a clap that implodes incoming projectiles.

Shield Type:

Wrist Guard: A concave circle of manaplasm is formed in front of the user in the shape of a shield. Meant to guard against small to medium projectiles or close up strikes.

Guardian Shield: Producing a circle of manaplasm through the palm of the hand, the conjurer is able to defend himself from harm with the use of this shield-like construct.

Generate Type:

Aura Repulse:  Mana within the user is expelled as powerful omnidirectional manaplasm waves at once in a wide area, around the user’s body.

Expansion Bubble: Folded arms are raised above shoulders then opened to release a rapidly expanding sphere of manaplasm.

Capture Arts

Caging Type:

Crystalline Trap: The conjurer generates a box like cage around the opponent that quickly mimics a tough crystal like material. Inside, mana based resources can’t be used.

Binding Type:

Tunnel Catch: Manaplasm in arms are swung together in a twist to form a tight body wrap around the target.

Restraint Net: Fingers are folded together and thumbs together with a wide release opening creating a large plasma net

Mesh Bind: Circular hand movements project a transparent network of plasm chains that wraps a nearby target or projectiles

Grapple Tether: A discharge of manaplasm strands between two points. These plasmic strands contract and pull on whatever is on the two ends which works great for moving heavy objects, latching onto small ledges for transport, pulling objects towards oneself and for tethering enemies to certain positions.



Sani Flash: Hands radiate a thin layer of manaplasm that kills bacteria in a few minutes.

Restoring Pulse: Touch based art where the conjurer has the manaplasm of their hands mimic the life force of a injured civilian or ally. The intention is that added energy will enhance the target’s healing ability and immune system. However the art isn’t potent enough to save the fatally wounded.


Refresher: A quick spark from manaplasm snaps the user from mental fatigue.

Ailment Purge: A layer of manaplasm on the hands sends a pulse of electromagnetic energy that messages deep tissue pain and bruises.


Seeker Bait: Orbs of manaplasm are suspended in the air that attract stray bolts of manaplasm towards them and detonates.

Plasma Leech: An art where the conjurer covers a portion of a target with manaplasm that absorbs their internal reserves of mana. The recovered mana will supply the conjurer and prevent the victim from using magic unless they have the means to recover it. The art can drain the mana not only from natural beings but arcanist and divine beings though not the types of magic they possess.

Draining Touch: An advanced touch based art where a conjurer’s manaplasm acts as a medium to take a victim’s bio-electric energy. The effect not only strengthens the user but also kills the victim as the nervous system runs on electrical pulses. It can be used on corporeal living creatures and constructs than run on electricity.

Radar Cloak: A slow draping motion that generates a small personal covering of manaplasm that absorbs radar waves.


Spring Launch: A field of energy builds under the user as they crouch then sends the user straight in the air.

Cushion Floats: A pillow of thick fluid mimicking  manplasm is summoned to break a fall

Ramp Slick: A construct of manaplasm is made into the shape of ramp or slide


Mage Light: User creates a small flame of manaplasm in their palm to serve as a light source.

Flash Burst: Release an ball of mana plasma that mimics a harsh light that blinds the enemies.


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