History and Events

Arcane Realm Timeline

A timeline of the ages of the Arcane Realm, starting from the earliest period:


Settlement Epoch

Establishment Period

Imperial Age

Golden Age of Adventure

Ghulat Wars

Collapse of Civilization


Reconstruction Period

Guilded Age

Corporate Globalization Epoch

Social Era


ETS: Earlier than Samsara

AS: After Samsara


Age, epoch, era, period all refer to an extent of time. Age usually implies a considerable extent of time, especially one associated with a dominant personality, influence, characteristic, or institution: the age of chivalry. Epoch and era are often used interchangeably to refer to an extent of time characterized by changed conditions and new undertakings: an era (or epoch) of invention. epoch sometimes refers especially to the beginning of an era: the steam engine—an epoch in technology. A period may be long or short, but usually has a marked condition or feature: the glacial period; a period of expansion

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