List of Suleiman’s Spells

The spells that Suleiman knows how to cast:

Domestic Spells

Locate Object: This spell is for the caster that forgets where they put an object. All he needs to do is cast the spell, picture the item, and if the object is within the range of the spell then he knows where the object is.

Repel Vermin:  This is a very simple and very common spell which is often taught to wizards and other spell casters when they are apprentices. The spell works to keep all vermin from a person’s body or clothing. The spell works on small creatures such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and spiders although not limited to those creatures. It does not protect from microscopic parasites and does not protect from illness or disease. The spell simply drives any creatures off the body and clothing of the being effected by the spell. When the spell elapses, the vermin do not automatically return but return as normal and are effected by conditions.

Tangle: This spell is more of a nuisance spell than anything else. This spell can be cast on string, line, or other light materials. The spell does not work on heavy rope. It can also be cast of the hair of a person although the hair has to be relatively long. When cast, the material becomes hopelessly tangled for the duration of the spell. A person who has their hair effected by the spell will find it a matted mess. No amount of work untangling the material will help untangle it and no amount of brushing will work with someone’s hair. The material will remain tangled after the spell elapses but will be able to be untangled.

Untangle: This spell is the counterspell to Tangle. It is actually extremely useful for a variety of different jobs. This spell can be cast on string, line, or other light materials. The spell does not work on heavy rope. It can also be cast of the hair of a person. No matter how badly tangled the material is, it will immediately untangle itself. A person will also be able to make their hair completely untangled no matter how much of a mess it was before the spell was cast. Hair will become glossy and sleek. During the duration of the spell, the material will stay untangled although can become tangled when the duration elapses.

Mage Clean: This is an often overlooked but important spell specialized for use on inanimate objects. The magical energy of the spell removes dirt, grime, stains, and whatever else the mage considers unclean. This spell is often taught to mages just learning magic and is known by most mages. The spell normally does not get rid of diseases and bacteria although it will get rid of fleas, ticks, and other similar vermin. If the caster spends extra mana, the spell with also disinfect and get rid of diseases and bacteria as well.

Color Restoration: This is a relatively simple spell but is a very useful domestic type spell. Over time, colors can fade through sunlight or by being exposed to the elements. This spell restores colors to faded materials even if the color has completed faded. This spell is believed to have been invented to restore manuscripts that had faded to the point that they could no longer be read. It was found to be useful for a great many other materials than faded books.

Mystic Reading:  The spell gives the ability to read and comprehend written text extremely quickly. The person can read up to thirty pages per minute. The caster will retain the information as he / she would normally. Highly technical texts (including mystic texts) will reduce speed ready by half (15 pages per minute) and may require two readings.

Utility Spells

Location Search: This simple spell locates more of a specific item or material based on its similarity to another material. For example: If a person has a pinch of sand and wishes to find out which bag the sand comes from he casts the spell and once cast he will know which bag it comes from. The spell can also be used to identify a piece of skin or blood as coming from a specific person if they are within the range of the spell. This can be very useful in prosecuting crimes.

Miniaturize: The caster compresses objects to make them smaller, the reduction dependent on how mana is used in the spell. An living being affected by the spell will gradually regain its original size over a large period of time.

Enlargen: The caster expands objects to make them larger, the growth dependent on how mana is used in the spell. An living being affected by the spell will gradually regain its original size over a large period of time.

Farsight: This spell increases the caster (or another by touch) vision to be equal to that of a person with modern binoculars. Magnification is four times at first level, increases to eight times at third level, sixteen times at sixth level, and thirty-two times at tenth level. The caster can vary their magnification as needed up to their maximum ability. Does not magnify small close in objects, only useful for long distance.

Magnify: This spell allows the caster (or another by touch) to look at tiny objects at a greatly magnified level and is similar to  “Farsight” although does not work to magnify far objects. Magnification is two times at first level, increases to four times at third level, eight times at sixth level, and sixteen times at tenth level. The caster can vary their magnification as needed up to their maximum ability.

Spell Store: The spell enchants a item to contain a magic spell. Most materials can be used but in most cases, relatively breakable materials are used because the spell is activated by breaking the item. Quartz crystals are one of the most common items to be enchanted in this manner. The only substances which cannot be used are iron and plastic, and the object cannot be larger than 2 feet (0.6 meters) tall, long or wide. Usually, much smaller items are enchanted in this manner. Once an object is transformed by the spell, the mage can empower it with one magic spell. The exact effects of the spell have to be fixed when the item is enchanted. Of course, to implant the spell the mage must already know it and it must not be a ritual.The enchanted item only contains one spell and it is activated by breaking the item. As such, they are often used in a similar fashion to grenades and thrown at an opponent. As such, it cannot be recharged.

Disarming Seal: This incantation prevents the target from using the spell it last used while in effect. However it only restricts that spell and the others that the opponent knows. Also this spell has no effect on techniques from magic other than ordered spell craft like divine works.

Disinherit Sever: This spells purpose is to break the metaphysical connection that any object handled or even touched by a person has even though the object is already out of the mage’s hands. The caster using the spell can only break the link to himself and not to others. He or she must chose a specific object that they are breaking the connection, the spell does not break the connect with all objects that the person has ever handled. This spell can also be used for hair, skin, or other similar items. If the items are together, the whole batch of items will have the connection broken from the mage. The actual effect is that after casting this spell, the object cannot be used for either psionic or magical spells that use this. If the psychic abilities like clairvoyance is used, the user will get a blank image from the time frame that the mage had the item. This will immediately tell the psychic individual that someone blanked out the object. Locate would get absolutely no information about the location of the person trying to be detected if using an item that has been neutralized by this spell. All other spells and psionics or similar effects will be effected in the same way.

Protection Spells

Active Barrier: Projects a hemispheric energy field around the caster. In addition to the caster, this development can also protect the allies nearby.

Counter Shield: a spell that whips up barrier of spiraling energy that can be used offensively and defensively depending on the element used.

Mirror Bounce: A barrier reflects back to the target spell effects like Haustoria Vines and moves that cause inflictions or debuff.

Spellshield: A spell that creates a magic circle shield that is held in front of offensive spells to reflect them and shatter magical constructs that strike it.


 Mystic Shelter: This spell transforms a normal shelter (cabin, tent, or cave) into a comfortable enchanted shelter. When the spell is cast, a glowing aura is created which seals any small openings in the shelter. The spell creates a comfortable environment with controlled humidity and inside the shelter, the temperature will be around seventy degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius.) Spell keeps the shelter completely water proof and dry in even downpour conditions as well as protecting against snow. The shelter will not protect against most extra-ordinary weather conditions such as mud slides, avalanches, and earthquakes as well as not protecting against more powerful damaging spells.

Restoration Spells

Wound Repair: Small surface wounds are healed by mana optimizing the repair mechanisms of the target.

Health Wave: The caster emits a healing pulse which restores the target’s energy and repairs minor surface wounds.

Rejuvenate: A spell for complete energy recovery, healing minor ailments like back-and headaches, slight hypothermia, and psycho-physical exhaustion, making even the most tired of minds alert.

Gradual Regen: A spell that will slowly heal the recipients wounds over the course of battle while active.

Nature Spells

Shape Plants: This spell affects a currently mature plant to become a certain desired shape. It does not effect the growth or color of the plant affected or its offspring.

Mold Plants: This spell is designed to mold a plant as it grows but does not directly reshape a plant like the  spell “Shape Plants.” It does not speed up the growth of plants which requires different spells. Still, over time amazing shapes can be formed. Creating structures can take many years potentially.

Calm the Beast: This spell does not put an animal under the full control of the spell caster but is designed to call a scared or angry animal/magical beast. If an animal, out of fear or anger, is about to either run or attack, it has a 60% chance of not doing the action. This is also extremely useful when trying to train a fearful animal. Spell does not work on sentient animals or magical beasts.

Ecstasy: This spelling is a very dangerous reversal of the Agony spell. While the Agony spell activates all of the victims pain centers, the Ecstasy spell does the reverse and activates all of a victims pleasure centers. The spell creates the same effects to a targets activity that the agony spell does but does it for the opposite reasons. For the first minute, the victim will be able to do nothing but writhe in pleasure. After that initial minute, the target takes another full minute to regain full composure and during that time the number of his attacks will be reduced by half, speed will be reduced by half, and will have a harder time to strike, parry, and dodge. This spell effects only one person per invocation.

Electromagnetic Spells

Thunderspark: A basic electric spell that generates a weak jolt of electric charge. Often this is used to shorting out electrical equipment to charging generators.

Magnetic Field: For the duration of the spell, the caster can induce magnetic fields to create a variety of powerful effects:
Attract. Unattended magnetic objects in a 30-foot sphere—including weapons, armor, and anything made primarily out of metal—are pulled violently toward the caster, stopping just short of them and falling harmlessly to the ground. Loose objects weighing more than 500 pounds are not affected.
Repel. This functions identically to the attract effect, except creatures and objects are pushed away in a 30-foot sphere. The caster can instead choose to focus a magnetic pulse into a 60-foot line; in this case the magnetic force is much stronger, and affected creatures and objects up to 1000 pounds move away at 30 feet per second.

Spark Jump: Spell that will let off a small blue ball of electricity which will steadily fall until it hits a surface, in which it’ll move in a waving pattern on that surface (up walls, over and under too) for a brief period of time.

Magnetic Flux: Caster manipulates magnetic fields which levitates magnetic metals to serve as barriers.

Plasma Shower: The caster disperses electrically charged particles, which electrifies the terrain and air around them. This strengthens all lightning spells cast in the arena.

Lightning Gale: The caster makes waves of charged air to strike the target.

Radar Sense: The caster’s body generates an impulse that locates active electrical sources with their vicinity.

Lightning Rod: The caster draws offensive electricity aimed against then converts it into usable mana.

Accelerating Discharge: The caster constructs a magic circle around themselves that builds up electricity until they are shot forward at high speeds wreathed in electric charges.

Static Cling: The user captures the target by using electrostatic charges to stick it to a surface.

Frequency Jamming: This spell sends a straight forward pulse of magic that jams a single electronic communications device. The spell effects all radio communication, radar systems, sonar systems, motion detectors, heat sensors, laser communication, laser targeting, optical cameras, and other similar systems. It does not effect flight systems or control systems but only allows visual piloting. Such system as gyro-compasses will continue working but magnetic compasses will be jammed. Missile systems can generally only be dead fired at targets within the jamming sphere due to no missile guidance systems working within the jamming field.

Voltage Charge: In conjunction with lightning rod, the caster casts Lightning Gale on themselves. The effect enhances the caster’s speed and mobility is greatly increased magic spells used become enhanced with electrical properties.

Catatumbo Volts: One of the most powerful lightning spells, a huge mass of lightning continuously strikes an large area for roughly 10 hours. Commonly used as an anti-army spell.

Wind Spells

Stir Up Gust: A basic wind spell where the caster whips up fast moving wind around them. While lacking in force, it can for example reduce momentum while falling and soften landings, making it useful in unexpected situations.

Gust Counterattack: A variation of Stir Up Gust, used to force the foe to evade. The caster slams the magic circles together, creating a large air flow around their arms, blowing away incoming projectiles.

Recursive Twister: Generates a small whirlwind around that returns to the caster before petering out. The boomerang is used for many things such as putting out fires, cutting rope, retrieving out-of-reach items, and carrying objects at targets.  When used in battle it brings enemies closer or stuns them briefly.

Thick Air: This spell creates a wall of air which is much denser than normal air, almost the consistency of water. The wall is relatively thin, only about 3 feet (0.9 meter) thick. The effect of the wall is that most bullets and fast moving objects will be either deflected and lose all velocity or will disintegrate. Relatively slow powered rounds such as pistol and black powder rounds are deflected and lose all velocity. High powered rifle rounds will simply disintegrate when they hit the wall. The wall does not impede energy weapons and larger that 14.5 mm rounds (As well as M.D.C. rounds) will penetrate the wall.

Hurricane Fist: A magic loop surrounds the caster’s wrists who then whirls its fists to send a wave of pure vacuum at the target.

Supercell: A powerful spell that creates a continuously rotating updraft deep within a severe thunderstorm. They can spout huge amounts of hail, rain and wind and are often responsible for tornadoes.

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