Suleiman Moustafa is a Djinn-Homin hybrid born and raised in Bodhi Village right after its formation. His occupation is a nature writer and he has written bestiaries on Kaf’s wildlife and intelligent species.

Name: Suleiman Moustafa
Species: Djinn/Homin Hybrid
Ethnicity: Si’lat/Tropic
Creature Type: Natural Humanoid Jinn
Sex: Male
Height: 122 cm (4 feet)
Weight: 33 kg (73 lbs)
Skin Color: Olive
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


“You’re probably wondering how did I fire off that spell, but what you should be asking is…how did I know yellow was your least favorite color?”

“I will only say it again to get it through your thick skull. I am a djinn and a homin being at the same time!”

“Electricity, what a fascinating phenomena. Magnetism has a connection it too, though you might not see it under everyday circumstances.”

“Careful with that electromagnet you got there. It will really mess with my mother and sister and frankly, the feedback bugs me too.”

“No beer for me thanks, I’m drunk on life.”

“As far as your mind is concerned, a broken heart is no different than a broken arm.”


His natural form is that of a young homin man with black hair with thin mustache and beard and an olive brown complexion. As a shapeshifter, he can make variety of changes to his body like switching from his prehensile homin feet but to typical humanoid feet when taking long walks or running. Suleiman usually wears baggy beige harem pants and his multicolored striped overcoat sown together by his mother.


His mother is a Si’lat Djinni and his father is a Homin of tropic descent. They met when his mother and older sister escaped from persecution from their home country of Jinnistan. She met his father who was one of the few males left in their band that was recently isolated due to a violent disagreement that caused them to separate from the larger group. Eventually they found the village of Bodhi and formed a loving relationship, leaving Suleiman to become the first of their three children.

As he grew up in his father’s Bodhi village, interacting with the homin children and learning about his jinn abilities and culture from his mother and his sister. He also has his baby brother as a playmate during his older years until his mother decided to send him to the Jinnistan university for higher learning beyond his neighborhood.

At college his learned new principles of nature and magic, coming back between breaks to meet his young sister. After his graduation, his was invited to join Jinnistan’s Committee of Natural Sciences and Technology but ran away from it and djinn society as he became disillusioned about their policies with other species. Returning to his hometown, he gives back the knowledge he learned to his community while working on his personal projects like a world encyclopedia on living things.


One of the driving forces of Suleiman is seeking to understand everything, and his a strong lust for knowledge and appreciation of beauty as natural ‘outlook’ traits rather than learned behavior (that is he is driven by a deep internal sense of personal wonderment). He also has a strong sense of right and wrong, becoming deeply upset if things are ‘wrong’ according to his own sense of rightness. This often leads to him becoming argumentative, though in a calm (or distressed, if met with aggression) analytical way based on reasoning rather than aggression and intimidation, seeking to convince people rather than merely having them submit. He is also very tenacious and can’t merely let things go, because he usually is so deeply moved and concerned by things; the things he can argue about mean a lot to him, generally speaking.

Suleiman greatly enjoys everything that comes with being a djinn, often shapeshifting for any reason such as having fun. As the eldest of the hybrids, he takes great pride in showing his brother and sister both their homin and djinn attributes. He always wants to know more about what he and his siblings can do with their dual nature.

When it comes to girls, Suleiman always had a few friends of the opposite sex. His comfort with them may have led to his late bloom in developing romantic feelings with females in general. As such he is less likely to take the initiative, though he has gotten better at recognizing when a girl is giving him hints that they are interested in him. Despite his slow start, he is very touchy feeling and likes to fully embrace his partner.

An upstanding Sufi Muslim, Suleiman prays to Allah five times a day and avoids consumption of pork and alcohol. Despite his heart belonging to Islam, he does participate in Dehesa festivals since he was a boy. Growing up in a multifaith community, and taking an anthropology class has shown him the value of different religious beliefs.

Being raised in a household with singers, Suleiman grew to really like and appreciate music. At school, he took up the violin and was one of the earliest people to practice on the then new, electric guitar. His mind is so ingrained in music that he can remember small songs from his first schooling years later.

He likes to learn about a lot of things, particularly that of the natural world. His favorite subjects are electricity and animals. After his studies, he went on to become a science writer who worked on popular science magazines. Later he wrote two books on the fauna he had seen throughout a world tour he had been on. Now he is writing about the biology and cultural aspects of the intelligent races of Kaf, including his own. He is also very fond of sharing things that he seen outside of the Zomia Tropics as well as explaining the everyday natural science applications that he feels go unnoticed by most Bodhi Villagers.

Likes: Shapeshifting, music, coconut, fish sauce, dates, mango, learning, meditation

Dislikes: Arguing, ignorance, fights, cinnamon

Hobbies: Reading, creating spells, setting up scientific demonstrations, violin playing


Scheherazade Moustafa: His Si’lat Djinn mother who gave birth to him in Bodhi Village. Originally a biological anthropologist who studied tribes of homins she stayed with this one permanently to avoid her abusive ex-husband. She was the one who showed Suleiman and her following children their jinn abilities, culture, his religion, as well as admitting him to Jinnistan University.

Somchai: Suleiman’s father who is a Tropic Homin from the Zomia Tropics. He was made one of his band’s adults at the age of 12 due to a low number of men after being separated from their larger tribe. After finding the Jiniri, Scheherazade, he intrigued her long enough to stay with their band in order to find a proper settlement, Bodhi Village. During the search, the two became intimately closer and despite initial warnings and protest, they fell in love.

Fakiha Moustafa: His older Si’lat Djinn sister from his mother’s previous marriage with a djinn and the eldest of her siblings. Suleiman would often look to her to learn innate jinn abilities that their mother might have forgotten or didn’t want him to abuse around the human children. She left the village to become a popular singer referring to progressive and social issues but often visits during tours.

Ismail Moustafa: Suleiman’s younger brother who was his major playmate during their youth in the village. Unlike, Suleiman, he was born ethereal and had to learn how to take on his physical form. The grew up with a friendly rivalry on friends and girls, eventually Ismail decided to use his talents to open up the first formal clinic in the village.

Amita Moustafa: She was barely a toddler when Suleiman left his village to attend higher education in the Jinn run cities. Now as a child, he rekindles their relationship by teaching her things about his travels at home.

Kanya Phuong: Homin woman that Suleiman meets with when he returns to Bodhi Village. She is a fan of his sister’s singing a wins a trip with her and Suleiman to go on a world tour for a year. During the trip, Suleiman takes note of how much untapped potential her life force had and decides to teach her how to develop it and her magic.

He later begins to notice how beautiful she looks and how she increasingly listens to what he has to say. Suleiman is very fond of showing new things to see Kanya’s reactions. Generally he worries about how about how to make his explanations and small lectures interesting to others so he greatly appreciates her encouragement and feedback.

Abilities and Powers

Learned Skills
Languages: Suleiman speaks Verdure and Arabic fluently. He also knows some conversational Hindi and Sylvan.

Arboreal Locomotion: Living most of his childhood in the trees, he is an expert in moving through them quickly and efficiently. He can seamlessly transition from swinging overhand to crouch walking on top of branches.

Instrument Playing: Suleiman can play the violin and the electric guitar.

Natural Abilties

Manaplasm Arts: Suleiman can conjure and manipulate manaplasm for various uses like a projectile, defense, mimic substances, affect active spells, etc.

Shape Shifting: Suleiman is an innate polymorph who can stretch, deform, expand, or compress his entire body or parts thereof, extending to his clothes, into any contiguous shape he can imagine for a variety of uses.

  • Elongation: Suleiman can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great distances.
  • Size Alteration: Suleiman possesses the power to increase and decrease his size. His physical strength also grows in proportion to his current size.

Accelerated Healing: He can also passively regenerate his body at the cellular level, allowing him to survive most forms of damage to his limbs and lower torso although it may weaken or outright fail with a constant need in a short amount of time. Also unlike full Djinn, he has vital organs, damage to which will cause him to go into healing coma which could leave him venerable.

Superhuman Strength/Speed: Suleiman can control the electrical impulses to his muscles, giving him more motor neuron commitment for specific tasks and exceptional strength or speed. He can easily reach supersonic speeds without magic.

Spectral Sight: The ability to visually see the spectrum of ethereal objects and energies.

Ectoplasm Form: Half-Djinn have the ability to convert their corporeal body into charged ectoplasm, rendering them invisible and intangible to normal matter and able touch to spectral objects. For most of his early life, Suleiman had a hard time controlling it, he was only able to have his hands become immaterial or his match his vision to see it. Once all his chakra were awakened, he can do this easily.

  • Flight: His ethereal body can fly at great speeds.
  • Invisibility: This form is invisible, though Suleiman can make him self transparent on the physical plane instead.
  • Intangibility: His ethereal form is incorporeal, allowing him to pass through most matter and non-spiritual forms of energy discharge.
  • Possession: In ethereal form, he can enter a corporeal body, reading or influencing its thoughts or attempt to take control. Whether Suleiman succeeds is dependent on if his willpower is stronger than his host.



Suleiman is an accomplished mage, capable of using manaplasm arts, biomagic, and ordered spellcraft due to his ancestry. Thus he is a conjurer, sorcerer, and spellcaster at the same time. His style primarily uses magic with the intent to defend, distract, or restraint, rather than use outright offensive or lethal means.

Suleiman’s Manaplasm Arts

Suleiman’s Spells


Duvet: A throw pillow enchanted by residual magic, allowing it to float and carry it’s owner. Given to him by his mother as a child.

Shifter clothing: These garments are made with enchanted thread and designed to act as a second skin for the wearer. Features include repairing within 10 minutes from rips and tears, drying stains to easily remove them, and change shape with the wearer if they can shape shift.

Valdo: An ancient vehicle consisting of four caravans linked together. Each of the wagon is large enough to serve as its own living space, with the first one holding the control console. Together the caravans operate like a train and collectively move along.  Suleiman discovered it in an abandoned Lunarian ruin of the Zomia Tropics. Despite its rustic outward appearance and 19th century amenities, the technology making it up is very advanced as the bottom allows it act as a hovercraft and float above terrain.

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