In the Arcane Realm, the variety of creatures have interesting lifespans that are mortal, ageless, or truly immortal.

Different Forms


  • Subject to eventual death by injury, disease, or gradual brakedown due to aging
  • Natural Lifespan
  • Comparatively higher rates of reproduction to counteract death rates
  • Common for many natural beings, and magical beasts


Biological Immortality/Ageless

  • Immune to the ravages of time, thus preventing death via senescence.
  • No true natural lifespan
  • Remains vulnerable to mortal wounds, diseases, and foreign substances.
  • Mental damage can still occur.
  • Certain types of natural animals and plants, certain magical beasts and magical flora, faye

Reliant Immortality

  • User acquires immortality by anchoring their life to a certain object, source, concept, etc.
  • Destruction of anchor ends the user’s immortality.
  • May require continuous intake of source or maintenance of object to remain immortal.
  • Artificial form of immortality

Regenerative Immortality

  • High level regeneration of body that heals any injuries, even fatal ones, preventing one from dying.
  • Cannot age once reaching a certain point.
  • Immune to most diseases, toxins and drugs.
  • Time-manipulating powers can erase the user’s existence, as opposed to biologically killing them.
  • May apply only to biological immortality, as the mind and/or soul may remain mortal.
  • Immortality power may be removed, rendering the user mortal once again.
  • The only way to inflict long term exhaustion and injury (to the point of death) on the user is to use attacks faster than the speed of regeneration at a repeated rate.
  • All known faye, henge magical beasts, many magical flora

Retroactive Immortality

  • Cannot remain dead, always resurrecting or reincarnating oneself after being killed.
  • If the power is gained through technology, destroying the technology can stop the user from resurrecting, making their death permanent.
  • May take awhile to revive.
  • May have a limited amount of resurrections.
  • May not be able to resurrect if soul or entire body is destroyed.
  • Important feature of the Semideus

Unfettered Body

  • Cannot age once reaching a certain point.
  • Body is completely immune to physical damage, toxins and pathogens.
  • Soul and mind may remain vulnerable.
  • Per chance the body is harmed, regeneration may not occur.
  • Time-manipulating powers can erase the user’s existence, as opposed to biologically killing them.
  • Many transcendent spirits



  • Cannot age.
  • Immune to all diseases, toxins and drugs.
  • All wounds and injuries heal instantly.
  • Immortality applies to body, mind and soul, rendering the user truly “absolute”.
  • Power is absolute, so it cannot be removed, nor can the user’s existence from timelines.
  • Majority of divine or transcendent spirits

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