Regeneration is the process by which a living being re-grows or replace lost tissue. Most flesh and blood creatures could regenerate tissues from wounds or cuts but few species could replace entire limbs.

Basic Level (Most Natural Creatures)

  • Minor wounds such as cuts, bruises and light burns heal slowly.
  • Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss.
  • Critical wounds such as lost of limbs, damaged nerves, and internal organs cannot be regenerated, as wounds would simply close up faster and lost organs remain lost.
  • Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be regenerated, resulting in permanent scarring.

Expert Level (Regenerative Magical Beasts,  High-Affinity Possessed beings)

  • External wounds, including fractured bones and deeper burns, may heal at a much more accelerated rate, disregarding of severity.
  • Cellular and genetic damage is reduced, greatly extending the user’s lifespan.
  • Lost limbs may be regenerated quickly or can be reattached.
  • Can survive severe blood loss.
  • Minor damaged internal organs may heal, but more severity may be beyond repair and may take more time to heal.
  • Nerves may remain damaged.
  • Tumorous cells may actually be multiplied via regeneration as they are considered living cells.

Advanced Level (Faye, Regenerative Magical Flora, Half-spirits)

  • Minor to moderate wounds heal near-instantaneously, to the point of as though they never happened.
  • Lost limbs and internal organs may be completely regenerated.
  • Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
  • Cellular senescence is drastically reduced, if not completely halted, granting decelerated aging/eternal youth.
  • Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.
  • User can regenerate as long as the head/brain is damaged to no more than a certain level.
  • User is near-completely unaffected by a variety of  toxins or drugs.
  • Destruction of the head is one of the few sure methods to ensure the user of this level’s death.
  • Healing strength may be so powerful, the blood is enriched with healing powers that can be used to heal others.
  • Tumorous cells may actually be multiplied via regeneration as they are considered living cells.

Master Level (Spirit Vessels)

  • Cellular regeneration and rejuvenation would be so powerful, the user would be close to true immortality.
  • Brain cells and nerves can be completely repaired, to the point of keeping the mind intact.
  • Decapitation can be reduced in effectiveness as the user can reattach their heads and seal the cut.
  • Contaminant Immunity
  • User is forever in their optimal health and physical prime.
  • Tumorous cells will be healed to the point of returning to their optimal, healthy form.
  • The only way to inflict long term exhaustion and injury on the user is to use attacks faster than the speed of regeneration at a repeated rate.

Absolute Level (Angel and Deity Vessels)

  • User may regenerate completely as long as one cell or even molecule remains intact.
  • Decapitation would be pointless as user can regenerate a head, or the head can regenerate a whole new body.
  • Impossible to exhaust or permanently injure, regardless of attack speed.
  • Removal of soul or temporal erasure are the only methods of killing the user.

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