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Magical Flora

Magical Flora are arcanist plantlike beings that make up many of the creatures in the Arcane Realm. Many of their innate arcanist abilities due to a variety of internal chemical process that run on/produce magical energy called biomagical functions. A magical flora possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

Arcanist Being: Magical flora bodies can metabolize mana into their constituent biological molecules and cells. This internal magic production allows for them to perform biological actions that may bend physical laws. Those that are intentionally used are arcanist abilities, most others are passively ingrained into each unique species known arcanist traits.

 Some magical flora are also capable of intelligence and performing ordered spellcraft.

Regeneration Factor: Magical flora can passively regenerate wounds in a short time via biomagical reactions speeding up the process. The extent of this regeneration can prevent the development of scar tissue and even regrow entire structures within a few minutes however these actions do not set any broken bones on its own. In addition, this arcanist trait is significantly slowed in anti-magic areas or when the subject is increasingly exhausted.

Photosynthetic: Magical flora take light from the environment and carbon dioxide to make their own food. Magical flora do not need to sleep.

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