Demihumanoids share a similar body plan to humanoids with one head, torso, but typically differ in their limbs, usually having animalistic features or appendages. Many may lack legs and instead have a tail or legs that resemble another creature, others may have replacement limbs for arms like wings. In the past they were referred to as ‘monstrous humanoids’ but were officially renamed by the United Sapient Species.

The following are traits possessed by demihumanoids:


  • Possess opposable appendages such as thumbs for articulate manipulation.
  • Often possess non-hominid animal features and appendages such as tails or claws.
  • Possess forward facing usually binocular vision (having two eyes).
  • Demihumanoids have sufficient hand eye coordination to throw an object and strike another object with it.
  • Demihumanoids are sexually compatible with humanoids and experience pleasure during coitus.
  • Demihumanoids breathe, eat, excrete and sleep.

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