Sapient Race Template

As there are a number of intelligence beings in the Arcane Realm besides humans, each with their own unique biological and cultural components to their society (or lack thereof). There’s a lot of information to go through on each of their pages, so this one is dedicated to serve as a useful guide for future Arcane Realm beings.


Quick Species Profile
A general description of common physical attributes with the species as a whole including
Life Expectancy
Max: Oldest recorded individual
Average Height:
Average Weight:
Creature Type: The category of beings the species belongs to.



How they look

Physiological Traits

Species particular anatomy and their innate characteristics

Biomagical Attributes

Inherent characteristics that uses the magic naturally within them

General Diet

What they consume for energy and sustain themselves


Ways the species make more of themselves or what beings they can hybridize with

Lifespan and Growth

Significant periods in their life cycle


The natural environment in which the organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds the species population.


Varieties within the species that are distinct enough in appearance, ability, or location but can still interbreed within the species


Their presence throughout Arcane Realm timeline


A roughly detailed log of the species or find and major influence on the world into the modern day


Significant ethnic or racial groups within the species culture


The materials used for shelter and the style


Indigenous or adopted belief systems and the rituals related


The organization of related individuals and any societal roles determined by biological sex


What most species consider to be appropriately seen in public or among themselves


Indigenous or adopted ways of teaching the social community cultural values, roles and general knowledge

Magic Use

The type of magic a species can use, what magic forms they tend to be attuned to and how they may go about learning it

Science and Technology


Methods or inventions to get to a new place


Tools for individual or group self-defense or offense


Traditional or adopted ways to get information across

Medical Treatment

Major treatments used and cultural meaning behind them


Materials and procedures used to supply tools to the people


Author’s Notes

Some extra notes about the species, how and why I put the changes I made, the research I did or what generally went through my mind when adding it

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