World Trees

The first world tree, Axis Mundus was said to be the bringer of life and the primordial god of all plants. It contained enough magical energy to rival the mightiest of the divinities and its uppermost branches were said to pierce into the heavens.
It is not known how tall the highest reaches of the tree extends, but a few visual measurements have been taken of the area over which the lowest canopy covers, it has been estimated to range over 5000 meters in diameter from its trunk while the tree itself disappears into the cloud lines above.


Axis Mundus was the seed of an unknown plant species that germinated during the Settlement Period of Kaf. It also happened to be in an area where the largest of the then common mana storms would ravage the areas, the huge volumes affecting the sapling. It changed as it began to store the bombardment of raw magic and use it to fuel its growth. This drawing of mana also calms the magic turbulence, allow more complex lifeforms to develop within the continent of Mu.
The years of collected mana induced Axis Mundus with miraculous effects within its leaves and fruit. Many native faye races celebrated or worshipped the tree which as an important within their world.

Ghulat Wars

Axis Mundus was an aged yet still vital treat at this time. However the tree was targeted by the invading Ghul to weaken Kaf forces. The Silvan factions of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts fought many generations to protect the tree. However the tree fell during destructive raids. This had a disastrous effect as the ancient loads of mana keep under check by Axis Mundus were released as violent mana storms of old that ravaged the region and later the continent for years to come. The pent up release caused the chain reaction of natural disasters that would occur in the days to come after the Ghulat Wars.
Later the seeds of Axis Mundus would later be scattered around the globe and grow into a new set of modern trees. These new world trees would come to stabilize the flow of mana across Kaf into lay lines that focused power into gradual areas.


A world tree’s leaves are colored a rich gold and shimmer in the sun, creating small rainbows of light that fill the sky with color. They are trefoil in shape and emit a warming light beneath them, the light is said to rapidly heal the sick and frail, cure disease and malnourishment, as well as to heal those born with ailments from birth. Scholars believe that the light is purified life energy and the main reason why such a vast, lush and expansive forest survives beneath the tree’s expansive canopy.

Modern Trees

  • Vilagaf
  • Agac
  • Modun
  • Jian Mu
  • Yggdrasil
  • Ashvattha

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