Life Force

Life force refers to the active property of living beings, often referred to as either a metaphysical power or the sum of biological processes. Equivalent to stamina, it is expended by vigorous activity, and replenished by food, rest, and living in a healthy environment.


The concept of a life force has many names in a variety of cultures. It is known as qi/chi, ki, prana, pnuema, holy spirit, psi, vital energy, metabolic energy or life energy.



It is the life energy produced by all living bodies vital for survival, described as either as a mystical, metaphysical substance, or the sum of all an entity’s physiologic processes.

In antiquity, life force was thought of as a mystical spark of existence unique to living things that animates them and gives them metaphysical attributes like the soul.

The pores or points on the body from which chi flows out from are called pressure points or meridians. Controlling those nodes is the first step to being a user of advanced qigong. Different parts of the human body contain concentrated clusters of prana, better known as chakras, or “pools of energy”.

This served as a model to explain the phenomena in a society before wide implementation of the scientific method. Later, that model was revised when new information was available from observation and testing evidence. Now the esoteric power was discovered to be the electrical potential of physical living things or the psychokinetic energy of spirits.

For most physical living beings, life energy takes on the form of electric current being produced by biological cells and tissues and generating an overall electrical potential. Spirits have the same situation but substituted with psychic energy.

Grain qi (from breaking down food) and breath qi (from breathing/ respiration) are believed to be components of life force under Taoist teachings. These types are expended by daily activities but can be easily replenished. Jing is believed to be a property inherited from birth that maintains one’s basal metabolic rate, it sustains the body to keep it alive and functioning. In spiritual circles, it is equated to the soul or consciousness. Death means ones jing has dispersed or no longer able keep the body going.



Life energy from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. This happens without the individual’s awareness, typically resulting in a slow leak of  continually escaping the body, but replenished by breathing, eating, etc.

It is possible to feel the presence of one’s life force as an aura emanating from the body even without being aware of its existence. It has been described as feeling like a warm, viscous fluid at rest. It has also been said that powerful, refined auras produce a sensation that feels akin to static shocks on the skin. When an individual harnesses their life energy, their bodies electric potential dramatically increases, often radiating sparks of electricity when high enough.

Since every living being emits this aura subconsciously, learning to sense aura is a useful skill for those tracking living things or hunting non-living things infused with this energy. Someone sensitive to external life energy can judge the location and relative strength of his/her opponents through reading the output of their aura.


The life sustaining essence of spirits is the mental force, Psychokinetic energy unlike that of most corporeal lifeforms which is their electromagnetism. Psychic energy used to sustain the life of a spirit is typically referred to as Psi. This leads many to believe why incorporeal spirits can not be detected using the spectrum of light. Despite this technical difference, both seem to function similarly, with psi trading conversion affinity with strong psychokinetic abilities.

A few spirits seem to also to have a electric potential to sustain them in tandem, (like jinn,etc.) effectively having their life force composed of both psi and chi.


Qigong, chi kung, or chi gung teaches one to control their own life energy flow and utilize their chi.

The set of techniques has the ability to enhance the strength of physical attacks or objects depending on the quantity of chi employed and an individual’s aura type.


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