Qarin is the natural satellite that orbits Kaf and is visible from the planet at night.
Once a barren lifeless world, the efforts of Kaf inhabitants in the distant past made it sustainable for lifeforms. Once a stronghold in the Ghulat Wars, it fell and laid dormant for centuries until the inhabitants were reawakened to a new era.


Geography and Nature

Qarin’s surface was originally like that of Earth’s moon: rocky, dusty, and decorated with impact craters and no atmosphere or life. Then the natural satellite was terraformed by former Kaf inhabitants, to looks and acts like Earth in terms of geography rather than the role it plays as Kaf’s Moon. Each have landforms, oceans of water and temperatures to support life.


Most regions have different climates, those further south in the world have a warmer climate than northerly regions, due to an equator, much like on Earth. Some powerful elementals can affect climate and weather causing unexplainable droughts, storms and earthquakes that can affect the continental plates.
With an atmosphere introduced, so did the water cycle and weather conditions on Qarin exist, such as rain, hailstorms, snow, fog, and sandstorms. Given that plants and trees seem to grow in a normal manner, it can be reasonably assumed that the other major cycles, such as the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle, exist as well.


The natural environment of Qarin is similar to Kaf’s environment.
The impact craters of Qarin’s past now serve as valleys and the largest craters becoming river basins. Craters larger than about 10 kilometers across often have central peaks, which became the only hills or mountains that can be found on Qarin. The very largest features on Qarin are the enormous basins: great circular plains from 300 to more than a thousand kilometers across. There are only about two or three dozen of these.
The once dark and relatively featureless lunar lowland plains called maria, are now filled with liquid water as the world’s version of seas.
Qarin is mainly green and lush, based on factors such as plant structures including trees, shrubs, and grasses. Areas with a high density of trees make up forests, landscapes that receive very little precipitation create deserts, while loose broken-up particles of rock make large coastal beaches. The world is mostly flat surface as it lacks a lot of mountainous highlands except for where the craters are.
People and nature on Qarin are linked to each other, as many towns are built around its environment and they never try to affect the natural environment. Certain races like forest elves and gykuto even directly live in natural features like trees or underground tunnels without altering much of their environment. An ecosystem is formed when all plants, animals, and races of people in an area function together with all of the non-living physical factors of the environment.
The Moon is the home to the lunarians, elves, and moon rabbits (Gykuto), whose civilization is hidden from Kaf. There are also nature spirits such as Elementals and Dryads.
Chengo is a nation of Qarin, famous as it houses the Lunar Capital and its surrounding territories.
There are 6 oceans or maria on Qarin
Tranquilitatis Mare
Magic and technology
Magic and technology in Qarin is more advanced than on Kaf. Much of this is due to this world being the base for Kaf’s research, development, and off world manufacturing during the Ghulat Wars before it became compromised. The Lunar Capital in particular is known for its technological advances in numerous fields yet there are many communities outside of it that live simple, natural lives.
One of the most significant examples of Qarin technology are the mage devices, ubiquitous and extremely versatile tools used by the sapient races. Unique devices are designed and manufactured by their users on an individual basis, and use a variety of techniques to increase their effectiveness, and augment their master’s magic abilities and assist them.
Advanced personal electronics are also commonplace worldwide. Most often they take the form of a mobile device that serves multiple purposes, including making phone calls, taking photographs, viewing live video feeds, as a form of personal identification, and as a digital data storage device. Holograms are also very common, being used as personal avatars, computer displays, and even as traffic lights and barriers.
Scientific achievements such as cloning and energy conversion mingle with such as flowers that can replay a short time sequence. Scientists are still working on more advanced and slightly impossible inventions like a Dream Projector that makes a visual projection of dreams.
In terms of transportation, land-based transports include standard motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles and trains, as well as non-motor vehicles, such as bicycles. Airborne vehicles include enormous passenger Airships, agile jets, and hoverboards. Antigravity
machines exist alongside basic means of travel such as bicycles and trucks.
The field of robotics, as well as artificial intelligence, is incredibly advanced in Qarin. The nanotechnology that eventually lead to the artificially conscious Anthroid race originated from the pre-war R&D. Weak AI is used in almost all magical technology to some degree which is capable of speech, gesture and natural language understanding, control and information retrieval conversational systems, and real world navigation.


 At a point in the history of Kaf, intellectualism was on the rise and new types of thought was being shared by the residence. Rare materials were being sought after , hard to get minerals and metals like thunderbolt iron was found to have come from meteorites from the sky. This sparked the thought among faye and intelligent magical beasts about seeing what was beyond Kaf and finding more resources. Many stories were written about visiting the moon, how to get there and what could be found there. Eventually the most intellectual of the races met with the djinn nations on making this actually feasible. While the djinn have been native to the planet for generations, some of the older ones still had the recorded plans for interstellar travel and the collaboration. Eventually long distance space travel for corporeal beings was made a possibility and they set to give life to their moon, Qarin like they did the planet eons ago.
Qarin with its vast resources became an highly advanced civilization, even beyond that of Kaf, with magic and technology far ahead. However war broke on Kaf due to an invading force which would eventually draft the lunar society and lead it to ruin…

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