Welcome to the Arcane Realm!

Hello!  I’m excited to say that I am giving my constructed world its own blog on WordPress. Its been a long time coming as I’ve been growing it little by little. Not to mention finding a good platform to showcase it.
 This blog has been made to collect, list and order information and general lore about the fictional world(s) of the Arcane Realm created by me, Jonathan, in order to create an encyclopedia easily usable by artists and writers including myself, where to find solid reference materials on various aspects of the world. I still enjoy trying to make this into a fascinating world for stories of adventure, drama, romance and comedy to flourish so if you want to join me, here is the address.

Again the blog is made to contain all the supplemental material I would need for any future endeavors in the project. So far I written about a few characters that live in various eras of this world, written a few short stories with them, and created a few illustrations based off of them. Part of the reason why I want to post supplemental material here is so that I can leave behind enough stuff so that others could write stories in the same universe but that is a possibility that I’m still working out the details on.

I not fully set in what the Arcane Realm will become, it could be an anthology of short stories, a graphic novel series, or even a video game world. Any of those options are possible, especially if I ever got approached to turn it into a franchise.

For now though, I’m content with updating the content of the blog, as well as drawing character art and the occasional short stories. Soon I hope to have the time to draw short comic panels or pages as sequential art is one of my favorite media. Hope that helps clear up the point of the blog but their will be an about page to elaborate on it soon.

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